Cyberhaven’s Howard Ting: The New Comprehensive Cyber Capabilities Working Group (C3WG)

In this thought leader video, Howard Ting, CEO of Cyberhaven, discusses the new Comprehensive Cyber Capabilities Working Group (C3WG), which launched this past June to explore what cybersecurity capabilities are needed to protect the assets of an organization against today’s threats. As Ting describes, data is one of the most important assets and existing models and frameworks for data security are not well developed. The group will define a complete set of data security capabilities, which will be published in the industry-first Data Security Maturity Model (DSMM). C3WG is working to define for the cybersecurity community a comprehensive list of capabilities needed to secure and defend the full range of cyber assets within an organization. Comprised of security leaders from across industries, the group has deep expertise in the people, process, and technology used to solve security challenges. To learn more visit