Cyber Security Trends

Cryptshare, a German-based maker of data security and privacy solutions for the exchange of business-critical information, is expanding its presence
At last week's RSA Conference, Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) today announced that its client Flowserve – one of the world’s leading
Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) announced at last week's RSA Conference that they were introducing a new version of its award-winning,
At the RSA USA Conference last week, OneTrust, maker of enterprise privacy management software that supports compliance with data privacy regulations,
Safe-T® is pioneering new approaches to software-defined access. Safe-T offers a solution to a traditionally vexing security policy issue of
  AppViewX offers solutions for the management, automation and orchestration of network services in data centers and multi-cloud environments. With
LogicHub, which offers an automation platform for security operations, has published the results of a survey conducted at RSA which reveals
The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) published an in-depth white paper on April 16 on the topic of how to
Would you like a slice of cake, hold the calories? That’s the basic idea behind Votiro Secured, an Israeli company
Nationwide initiative announced this week can help Election Boards secure the vote RSA CONFERENCE — SAN FRANCISCO — April 19,

Why Cyber Security Trends Matter

Cybersecurity is a growing, dynamic field. Even six months ago, the outlook was different. New vendors appear in the market. New threats emerge. Geopolitical concerns evolve over time. For this reason, to stay well-informed, it’s necessary to keep up with cyber security trends.

cyber security trends

For example, a few years ago, most people—even in the industry—probably didn’t think much about the security of connected vehicles. Now, automotive cybersecurity is a multi-million dollar category. Venture money is pouring in. New technological solutions are coming online to defend cars and trucks from cyberattack, GPS spoofing and digitally-based theft.

Or, consider the issue of quantum computing. Until pretty recently, quantum computing was one of those subjects that drew interest and excitement, but few firm productions. It was coming, maybe in the next decade or perhaps the next century. Then, suddenly, it’s on the verge of happening, for real. The breakthroughs are causing a news trend related to the breakdown of traditional cryptography.

Cyber security trends also reveal themselves to be relevant in subjects like regular encryption. For example, KeyFactor recently revealed that it has detected vulnerabilities in over a quarter of a million RSA keys.

The challenge with cyber security trends, however, has to do with the volume of news. Every day, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of articles and press releases coming out that relate to cyber security trending topics. How can you keep up with them? That is one of the purposes of this site.

We review the industry news for you and post our selections of the most relevant cyber trends for your consumption. We drink from the firehose so you don’t have to. We cover trends in AI in cybersecurity, ransomware, phishing, privacy, threats, financial services cyber risks, cloud security, endpoint security, government cybersecurity healthcare security, industrial and IoT cyber trends and more.