Cyber Security Quotes

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Cyber Security Quotes

The Old “Daily Show,” with Craig Kilborn, had a great bit where they said, “When news breaks. We fix it!”  This was funny, of course, a parody of the self-important and frequently buffoonish local new genre. Yet, one can definitely feel the spirit of this comedy shtick invading the current, often surreal landscape of cyber security news. When news breaks, we may want someone to fix it—or at least make it understandable. Our cyber security quotes, featured in this section, attempt to do this.

cyber security quotesThese news insights, which feature cyber security quotes from leading industry experts, provide much-needed context and interpretation of breaking stories in the world of cybersecurity. In addition to news insights, we also feature policy insights, where we share expert opinion on public policy and national security policy that relates to cybersecurity, digital technology and cyberwar.

Expertise and experience are critical in cybersecurity today. The threat landscape is evolving so quickly that it takes a trained eye to spot meaningful trends. Incidents can leap up out of nowhere and cause fear to predominate. Wise men and women from the field can provide sensible context and advise. They can counsel us to calm down and see the bigger picture.

Industry experts can also share valuable cyber security quotes that gently admonish companies and government agencies that don’t take security seriously enough. News insights contained in this section deal with ransomware, cyber fraud like credit card skimming, retail cyber fraud and consumer risks like hacked Wi-Fi routers.

Experts share commentary on major cyber incidents like the breach of Canada’s Life Labs. They interpret sometimes opaque legislative proposals like the Electrical Grid Cybersecurity Measure and others. Some cyber security quotes here are critical of government initiatives. For example, a recent post criticized the rush to add facial recognition to airport software.

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