Customerization is now a Canada Digital Adoption Program Digital Advisor

CDAP – Boost Your Business Technology Grant Canada

Toronto, CA – 30 September 2022 Canadian businesses can now take advantage of the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) with the help of a new Digital Advisor.

CONCORD, ONTARIO, CANADA, September 30, 2022 / — Customerization, an SMB Technology Consultant based in Toronto, has been officially accepted as a CDAP Digital Advisor for the Stream 2 – Boost Your Business Technology program. The Canada Digital Adoption Program is a federal government initiative that helps SMBs adopt digital technologies and tools to grow their businesses.

As a CDAP Digital Advisor, Customerization will provide one-on-one advice and guidance to Canadian SMBs looking to improve their digital capabilities. Customerization will be helping Canadian businesses across the country to identify the right approach to modernizing their technology architecture, guiding them on the principles of smart choice of software tools and technologies for their businesses, and providing advice on how to best use them.

What is CDAP, and who can benefit from it?

The Canada Digital Adoption Program is part of the Government of Canada’s Innovation and Skills Plan, a multi-year strategy to make Canada a world leader in innovation and create good, well-paying jobs for the middle class.

CDAP aims to help businesses across Canada become more productive, competitive, and efficient. By adopting digital technologies, businesses can grow revenues and create new jobs. CDAP will also help businesses save time and money and improve their customer service.

CDAP consists of two streams:

1. Grow your business online stream will help up to 90,000 small businesses take advantage of e-commerce opportunities. Eligible businesses will receive a micro-grant of up to $2,400 to help with the costs related to adopting digital technologies.

2. Boost your business technology under the CDAP stream provides funding for businesses to receive training and professional services to help them adopt new technologies. This stream is specifically for businesses that are not ready to adopt digital technologies but want to learn more about how to do so.
How can you boost your digital technology?

As an output of Stream 2 of the grant, CDAP provides a way for small businesses to get help from an advisor who the Government approves of Canada. This means that the advisor has been through a rigorous review process and has the necessary qualifications to help small businesses with their digital technology needs.

The CDAP chose Customerization as its Digital Advisor because of its experience working with businesses of all sizes across various industries and its proven track record of helping businesses adopt new technologies.

Are you eligible to get this service?

As a small or medium-sized business owner, you may be looking to adopt new customer relationship software, digital inventory management systems, network security software, and other technologies to improve your bottom line. The Canadian government’s Boost Your Business Technology funding can help you cover 90% of the cost of developing a digital adoption plan, up to a maximum of $15,000.

To be eligible for the Boost Your Business Technology funding, businesses must meet specific criteria:
– Be incorporated federally or provincially, or be a Canadian resident sole proprietor
– Be a for-profit, privately owned business
– Have between 1 – 499 full-time equivalent employees
– Have at least CAD$500,000 of annual revenues in one of the previous three tax years.

Suppose you’re eligible and have completed the digital needs assessment. In that case, you can apply for a grant to cover 90%, up to a maximum of $15,000, of the cost of developing a digital adoption plan. A roster of expert digital advisory service providers is available to help you build your plan. Eligible businesses will be able to search the Digital Advisor Marketplace using a range of criteria, such as the industry sector, area of expertise, language, and geographic location, to find advisory partners like Customerization to help your business boost its technology adoption.

How can you get the grant?

Getting a grant from the Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) is a 9-step process. Steps 1-6 refer to the digital roadmap development. In contrast, further steps refer to the funding of the implementation of the developed and approved technology roadmap as well as youth placement support.

1. Canadian SMEs access the Stream assessment tool on the CDAP website.
2. Eligible SMEs are directed to Stream 2.
3. SMEs use the Digital Needs Assessment (DNA) tool to assess their digital maturity.
4. SMEs accepted into Stream 2 are provided access to CDAP’s Digital Advisor Marketplace to find a Digital Advisor to work with. You can choose Customerization Inc. or any other verified advisor from the CDAP marketplace.
5. SME and Digital Advisor agree on the cost and scope of the digital adoption plan, including payment timelines.
6. SME submits their completed digital plan to CDAP and then requests a grant to cover up to 90% (max $15,000) of the plan’s cost. The grant is paid to the SME.
7. With a digital adoption plan in hand, SMEs can apply to BDC for an interest-free loan of up to $100,000 to help execute their plan.
8. SMEs participating in Stream 2 will be eligible for a youth placement wage subsidy to help them implement their plans.
9. They will be asked to provide feedback on their program experience and share how it helped their business.

What should you do now?

Now that you know about the Customerization & Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) and the benefits it can offer your business, it’s time to take the next step.

Reach out to Customerization and let them know that you’re interested in learning more about the CDAP. They will be able to provide you with more information about the program and answer any questions you may have.

Suppose you’re already in the CDAP process and haven’t found a digital advisor who can help you navigate the program and make the most of its benefits. In that case, Customerization can be your valuable advisor.

Contact Customerization today and let them help you take your business to the next level.

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