Crypto-crime investigation company CoinStructive and r/cryptoscams subreddit, partner to help victims find justice

A powerful source for help in the world of crypto crime has gotten better.

We are excited to share our expertise with victims. The process is involved and we work closely with law enforcement, but at the end of the day it’s very satisfying when our clients find resolution.”

— Chris Groshong

SACRAMENTO , CA, 95833-3505, June 6, 2023/ — Justice in the digital space is often hard to attain, especially when it comes to crypto – a space still unfamiliar to traditional law enforcement. While federal, state, and local agencies try to get up to speed, it’s been up to the crypto community to support each other, develop tools, and seek resolution. This is why r/CryptoScams has grown to one of the biggest crypto-fraud communities in the world. In a bold move to offer their members professional assistance, moderators of r/CryptoScams have teamed up with crypto-crime investigation company CoinStructive to help facilitate fund recovery and criminal prosecution.

CoinStructive has helped hundreds of victims of crypto scams recover funds and attain justice by using the latest crypto investigation methods and leveraging law enforcement partnerships on the federal, state, and local level. In short, they provide police with the forensic facts that allow law agencies to do their jobs. The new partnership with r/CryptoScams will allow community members to accelerate and optimize their path to resolution.

It can, however, be a daunting task to navigate the world of crypto and the scams that come with it. In 2023, the following methods have emerged as the most common ways victims lose their crypto: Bitcoin Investment Schemes, Rug Pull Scams, Romance Scams, Phishing Scams, Man-in-the-Middle Attacks.

Each has their own methodology, but the end result is always the same when there’s lack of awareness.

“We are excited to share our expertise with victims,” shares CoinStructive CEO Chris Groshong, “we offer consultations free-of-charge and prepare them for the realities of fund recovery. The process is rather involved and we work closely with law enforcement, but at the end of the day it’s very satisfying when our clients find resolution.”

r/CryptoScams’ growth as a subreddit is an unfortunate byproduct of scams becoming more and more prevalent in the crypto space. CoinStructive has found an opportunity to join forces and lend their expertise in not only avoiding the scam, but how they can get their crypto back if it’s already been stolen.

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