Cowen Partners Announces Launch of Value Creation Team

The company is helping businesses accelerate value and transition time while increasing stakeholder satisfaction.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, USA, October 24, 2023 / — Cowen Partners is pleased to announce the launch of their value creation team.

Underscoring the importance of talent in the new business landscape, the purpose of this team is to streamline organizations’ path to accelerated stakeholder value by providing them with a scalable, long-term solution to their talent woes. Cowen Partners’ value creation team will act as a resource for companies by employing four distinct types of executives who are all crucial to business success.

Many executive search and advisory firms are adding value creation teams to their human capital arsenal because they understand how these teams provide clients with the support and insight they need to yield profits. However, they find themselves unsure of how to structure these teams to ensure organizations of different sizes and with different needs can all be supported in reaching strategic goals.

There was a time when companies could see massive growth with just a quick restructuring, but changes in the business and economic landscape have made value creation teams a necessary part of helping underperforming companies hit their growth targets.

From increasing overall value to decreasing transaction times, value creation teams have become so critical to the process. For search firms to be able to duplicate success from one organization to another, though, they need a value creation team model that works at scale.

While companies have experimented with various team structures, there are four distinct types of executives that have proven invaluable in crafting value creation teams that are scalable and sustainable.

The generalist is an executive who supports a range of portfolio companies but hasn’t drilled down into any one industry. They’re usually former executives now using their expertise to help companies increase and hold their value.

Unlike the generalist, the specialist does have expertise in one industry or area and offers that insight during a company’s high-growth periods. On the other hand, the consultant has experience juggling different projects across multiple companies. For this reason, they’re great at partnering with management teams.

Operators bring the benefit of having a deep understanding of day-to-day operations, which allows them to facilitate turnarounds by running the business like it’s their own.

As the process of identifying, selecting, and using value creation teams becomes clearer, the nature of the role third-party resources, like executive search firms, will play is also shifting.

With increased business competition, top talent is hard to come by. Organizations are choosing to build partnerships with search firms like Cowen Partners because it streamlines access to the talent and support they need.

Cowen Partners’ ultimate goal in launching their value creation team is to aid in their clients’ success. Increasing value, decreasing time to transition, and ensuring management and stakeholder satisfaction are of the utmost importance, and it’s exactly what they plan to deliver.

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