Coursecottage launches video uploads feature in online teaching platform

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With learners today glued to their devices, digital forms of learning such as videos are progressively representing a big share of importance in teaching

It is not that far fetched to visualise a teacher sitting on a beach somewhere in the Bahamas recording a video in the morning and uploading it for her students in the platform to watch. ”

— Angela Lee

BASKING RIDGE, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, September 4, 2021 / — Coursecottage today announced a new feature allowing teachers and educators on its online teaching platform to upload videos to their courses. With video consumption skyrocketing over the past few years, the new feature marks an important milestone in the vision for enabling teachers and tutors to seamlessly create full suite digital schools.

Teaching and education has been evidently going through a digital transformation stage over the past decade and with pandemic accelerated this journey further. Teachers, educators, tuition providers have had to scramble to find the right set of tools to deliver their services with minimal disruptions as possible.

In addition to quickly learning how to uses the various technology options, teachers have to coordinate learning and adoption from the student perspectives as well. One of the many challenges from a tool set perspective is the lack of a comprehensive connected eco system.

A teacher may be using zoom to do a live session, excel sheet to keep track of who attended, another application for quizzes, mails to send homework, youtube to upload a video etc., Having to do this with 20 students makes it hard to coordinate and get it right. Research suggests that the market for education technology that focuses on integrating various activities is likely see increased demand.

The online teaching platform by Coursecottage has been addressing this issue by providing a comprehensive set of tools within one platform. With the addition of video uploading as a functionality, the overall eco system is further strengthened to making it possible for 100% remote education.

According to the company’s spokesperson, Angela Lee, the future of education is moving towards a ‘Study from home’ (SFH) model. Students are likely to be lounging at a café or at the beach while at the same time actively engaged in a session. Words such as ‘Studycation’ are already doing the rounds indicating a possible obsolescence of the brick and mortar classroom.

Within the Coursecottage platform, teachers or tutors record a video from their browser or phone explaining a concept and hit the upload button. Once uploaded, the students of the course are able to view the video at their own time and post comments and questions. The teacher can view which student watched their video along with metrics to ascertain effectiveness. While these features are prevalent in public platforms such as Youtube, Coursecottage is bringing these video features into mainstream education.

It is not that far fetched to visualise a teacher sitting on a beach somewhere in the Bahamas recording a video for her students in the morning and uploading it for her students in the platform. A student, sitting in a café in Paris notices her teacher uploading a video and watches it while ordering a coffee. The same teacher in the evening while waiting for the sun set over the horizon checks the number of students that watched her lessons and sends a reminder to the few who haven’t.

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