Contrast Security and PerimeterX Team to Advance Application Security for Modern Applications

Combining best in class Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) and Bot Mitigation to prevent exploits across websites and mobile apps

Contrast Security, the pioneer in enabling “self-protecting” software with security safeguards built directly into critical applications, and PerimeterX, the company that protects the world’s largest and most reputable websites and mobile applications from malicious activities, today announced that they are teaming up to offer customers a joint solution that combines critical components of application security.

Customers today are looking for ways to accelerate time to market without compromising risk posture or user confidence. As they explore the marketplace, customers find thousands of vendors with solutions that force them to choose between speed, security and customer experience. This leaves thinly-resourced Security Operations Centers (SOC) and DevSecOps teams stretched and product owners apprehensive or frustrated. This is where uniting best of breed application protection (Contrast Protect – RASP) and bot defense (PerimeterX) is uniquely differentiating.

Together, Contrast Security and PerimeterX bring the best server and client side protection to customers’ applications. The joint solution combines Contrast Security’s Protect (RASP) ability to identify attacks, enforce policies and prevent exploits within an application with the behavioral based bot detection and bot mitigation capabilities from PerimeterX, bringing two critical components of application security together. Customers who use the joint solution will be able to protect against code-level attacks like SQL injection and untrusted deserialization as well as stop sophisticated automated attacks that morph and exploit changing business logic. This allows customers to (1) ship code faster with confidence even if vulnerabilities are not fixed or patched and (2) ensure users are not disrupted or compromised by bot attacks.

“Today’s businesses are demanding an end-to-end approach to security for the application stack,” said Surag Patel, Chief Strategy Officer of Contrast Security. “Enterprises need embedded protection from all types of attacks from sophisticated precise application layer attacks of custom or open source code, to business logic exploits through automated bot attacks. By working with PerimeterX, we are able to expand the ability for our customers to adapt to the ever-changing threat landscape and protect themselves from a wider variety of attacks. Going forward, customers no longer have to choose between speed, security and customer experience.”

“We are pleased to team with Contrast Security to address our common customers’ need to secure assets from expanding threats,” said Ido Safruti, Co-Founder and CTO of PerimeterX.  “It is critical for leading vendors to work together to advance our customers’ security profiles and keep them focused on running their business securely, not integrating software.”


The solution is available immediately from both Contrast Security and PerimeterX. To learn more, visit or