Cloudbric, Participated in CYBERSEC 2023: Showcasing Cloudbric WAF+, the Cloud-Based Fully Managed Security Service

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, June 7, 2023/ — Cloudbric WAF+,基於雲的全託管安全服務成功在台灣亮相
今年五月(9-11日) Cloudbric(CEO,Taejoon Jung)到台灣最大年度網路安全盛會 『CYBERSEC 2023 臺
『CYBERSEC 2023 臺灣資安大會』是台灣年度資安盛會,每年有超過 10,000名來自各界人士報名參加,
CYBERSEC 2023期間,Cloudbric展示了基於雲的安全解決方案『Cloudbric WAF+
和『Cloudbric WMS』(WAF Managed Service),吸引了超過500名與會者來訪,
超過100名來賓參觀我們的攤位. 訪客表達了他們對Cloudbric 先進安全解決方案的興趣。
Cloudbric WAF+ 是一種完全託管的 Web 應用程式防火牆 (WAF) 安全服務,
利用邏輯檢測引擎和獲得專利的深度學習AI引擎,cloudbric 能夠達到極低的誤報率。
Cloudbric WMS是基於智能的WAF管理服務,適用於 Amazon Web Service (AWS) WAF 用戶,
訪客為 Cloudbric WAF+ 直觀的圖形用戶界面 (GUI) 所吸引,
Cloudbric WAF+ 最大程度減少誤報的可能,確保網路威脅可靠並準確被檢測;
Cloudbric CEO Taejoon Jung 表示:“能夠躬逢其盛參加 『CYBERSEC 2023 臺灣資安大會』 我們感到相當
興奮,非常開心這幾天的來賓對 Cloudbric 先進網路安全解決方案感到濃厚興趣.” “我們正計劃加強我們的
安全解決方案,並將 Cloudbric 先進的安全解決方案介紹給未來在台灣和亞太地區的合作夥伴和客戶,以擴
大 Cloudbric 的保護範圍,創造一個更安全的數位未來.”

Cloudbric(CEO, Taejoon Jung), the company specializing in cloud security platforms, successfully participated in CYBERSEC 2023, the largest annual cybersecurity event in Taiwan held from May 9th to 11th.

With over 10,000 registered attendees and featuring more than 300 leading cybersecurity brands, CYBERSEC 2023 brought together industry leaders, experts, and organizations to highlight the criticality of integrating cybersecurity across all operations and tasks.

During CYBERSEC 2023, Cloudbric showcased cloud-based security solutions Cloudbric WAF+ and Cloudbric WMS(WAF Managed Service) which attracted over 500 attendees, with more than 100 visitors expressing their interest in Cloudbric’s advanced security solutions.

Cloudbric WAF+ is a fully managed web application firewall(WAF) security service that is managed by security experts. With its logic-based detection engine and patented deep-learning A.I engine, cloudbric provides a remarkably low false positive rate.

Cloudbric WMS is an intelligence-based WAF management service for Amazon Web Service(AWS) WAF users that manages and operates optimized security policy by security experts with an intuitive user console.

The visitors were captivated by the Cloudbric WAF+’s intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) with a seamless and user-friendly experience that was easy to navigate, as well as two outstanding features, the remarkably low false positives and the fully managed capabilities. Cloudbric WAF+’s exceptional ability to minimize false positives ensured the accurate detection of threats while the fully managed feature impressed the visitors as it offered comprehensive protection without requiring extensive technical expertise.

“We are thrilled with the success of our participation in CYBERSEC 2023 and the significant interest in Cloudbric’s advanced cybersecurity solutions at the event,” stated Taejoon Jung, CEO of Cloudbric. “We are planning to enhance our security solutions and introduce Cloudbric’s advanced security solutions to our future partners and customers in Taiwan and the APAC region to expand the influence of Cloudbric and create a safer digital future.”

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