Claritism – Remove Humanity To Rebuild It and Repair Earth

– Remove Humanity To Rebuild It and Repair Earth” by James C. Lin is available on Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play & Google Books.

, , June 19, 2021 / — “Claritism – Remove Humanity To Rebuild It and Repair Earth” by James C. Lin of is available worldwide on Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play & Google Books at USD 9.99 as of 2021-06-17 worldwide.

James C. Lin is an author, inventor, and paradigm shifter in multiple disciplines. Claritism is a paradigm shift in Socio-Economic Theory that comes with actionable steps and a technology blueprint. He has a BAS degree in Marketing from York University in and an MPS degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program of New York University in New York, USA.

All militaries in the world are preparing for the inevitable that will release another virus. No government has the heart to admit it to its citizens for fear of mass panic. It is naive to think China only created one virus in the lab. The lessons China is learning from the Wuhan Virus will make their next-generation virus even more destructive. A Shanghai Virus may be next, and even a Beijing Virus is not inconceivable.

Pea Index
Celebrate Hans Christian Andersen as the Father of Demand. His tale about a pea below a stack of mattresses and blankets confirming the royal bloodline of a girl takes the cake. The Pea Index is not quantifiable but expressed by the creative prowess of the throat chakra.

Diddly-Squat Innovations
Apple’s Retina Display and MP3 compression algorithm have one thing in common. The limit of human physiology is at play. Anything beyond bodily limits is not discernible by the human senses. Any more innovation beyond this point is “diddly-squat.”

Boomerang Oppression
The high dividend everyone expects comes back to bite the rear end. The same high expectation translates to labour exploitation and comes back to oppress the investors via karma.

Tax Break Fraud
Money kept in savings accounts is still working to boost the economy. The notion that tax breaks for the wealthy and big corporations encourage investment is a fraud.

Social Media is Visual Formatter
, , , and all deliver the same data, just formatted differently to the eye. This viewpoint is the key to neutralize their stronghold and make future social media inventions irrelevant and unnecessary.

Technology Blueprint
• A plethora of business software that removes hidden power and incentives to exercise unwarranted control. Every aspect of the modern economy is covered.
• AntiC-8964 is an operating system that prevents the theft of private data and safeguards against data sent to undesirable regimes.
• Sosumi-8964 is a peer-to-peer using the Lennon Wall Metaphor. It introduces a charity layer between the advertisement and the target audience. This browser is the key to regain data ownership and freedom of speech from dominant social media and websites. Sponsored Anarchy is finally a reality.
• Missile-8964 is a reference design for computers. It is an alternative manufacturing methodology to shut down China as the world factory. The philosophy will make local manufacturing a preferred alternative for every nation in the world.
• Culturally, Claritism introduces gender-neutral languages and the stifling of religious evangelism to end all types of discrimination.
• Politically, Claritism calls for the citizens of the People’s Republic of China to instigate their to overthrow the Chinese Communist Party.

Enlightened Industrial Revolution
Claritism is the recipe for the Enlightened Industrial Revolution. The ultimate goal of Claritism is to manifest Universal on a global scale. No more hurts, and no more hurting.

Join The Cause
Life can be fair. Humanity did not try hard enough in the past.


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