CiRN token acquires additional Historic Uranium occurrences

CiRN acquires additional Uranium occurrences for clean energy production


VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, October 30, 2021 / — CiRN token listed on uniswap swapping with liquidity has acquired additional Uranium occurrences located in Quebec, Canada.

CiRN token and Shiba inu Token (SHIB) liquidity pool has also been created on UNISWAP V 3, SHIB token value has been increasing and volume increasing the past few days with reportedly, one holders wallet transaction last year purchasing US$13,000 of SHIB at the time, now valued this week at US$5 Billion.

CiRN proposes to use inground Uranium resources dissipating radioactivity to generate electricity to eliminate climate change and climate destruction. CiRN would create electricity by using several methods as disclosed in previous news, see, for more information.

In synopsis, CiRN one year energy produced, with an ionization plant over the Doran LACANA Uranium deposit in Quebec, would produce 1.644 Trillion MW energy which would be the equivalent of 2,900+ years of World coal mining and the equivalent of 13,700+ Nuclear Plants energy generated. This achieved by using the natural Uranium in ground avoiding mining and waste and nuclear waste. This energy is natural and since Uranium half life is 4.5 Billion years, this energy source is clean, and useable for 4.5 Billion years.

CiRN also owns several historic Iron deposits in Quebec, for use in EV battery production with the new Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, also known as LiFePo or LFP batteries. This week, TESLA MOTORS, Q-TSLA, traded at all time highs.

CiRN is the answer to the climate change and the answer to the carbon pollution affecting the climate change with electrical production from natural in ground Uranium utilizing 1908 invention which is modified and the use of nano material (2008 Los Alamos reported discovery of gold nano particles creating instant electricity when radiation absorbed) and implementation of that gold nano material with nanobot technology if possible, all to create electricity from natural in ground radiation with no mining, and no waste.

The COP26 summit conference runs this week from October 31, 2021 to November 12, 2021 in Glasgow, where solutions are being explored for global climate change, with CiRN the answer. CiRN token trading on UNISWAP V3, will be the only form of payment accepted for the electricity which will be priced well below current electricity rates due to low cost of converting the naturally occurring radiation to electricity and to put out of business the current electricity producers using global warming processes.

CiRN energy production in 1 year from only the one location, Doran Lacana, will produce electricity which is the equivalent of 2900+ years of coal mining at current global coal production, and equivalent to 13,700+ Nuclear Plants energy production.

CiRN for a sustainable earth future and absorbing earths energy to power.

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