CIAM Certification: The Fastest Growing Professional Certification in Identity and Access Management Which Is the Most Critical Component of Cybersecurity

Identity Management Institute offers CIAM certification to its members

CHATSWORTH, Calif., April 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Certified Identity and Access Manager (CIAM) is a registered certification which is designed for global professionals who deal with identity and access management. Recognized as the Gold Standard certification for identity and access management (IAM), earning the CIAM designation increases one’s knowledge and serves as a strong indication that CIAM holder has the skills and knowledge to drive initiatives, improve processes, and manage risks in identity and access management. CIAM training and certification should be considered for self-improvement, career advancement, and increased credibility in the IAM space.

Identity and Access Management Risks
We hear about data breach cases almost on a daily basis and we know that most system and data breaches are caused by poor identity and access management. In fact, 74% of data breaches are caused by privileged access abuses.

Several other factors contribute to the rise in IAM importance including cloud computing and storage, Internet of Things (IoT), big data, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), remote workforce, and increasing regulations in privacy which collectively mandate the need for certified experts in identity and access management.

CIAM Certification Requirements
Candidates must be members of Identity Management Institute, demonstrate 4 years of combined experience and post high school education and pass the CIAM exam.

About CIAM Training, Cost, and Examination
The CIAM program is one of the most cost-effective certifications in the world which comes with a study guide, overview video, and examination. The total cost of membership, study guide, and up to 3 exam attempts is $390 as of the date of this publication. The exam includes 100 multiple choice questions and requires 70% correct answers to pass. Registered candidates have up to one year to prepare for the exam and can schedule the exam for any day of the year. The exam has a time limit of 90 minutes.

CIAM Program Scope
Identity Management Institute uses Critical Risk Domains™ (CRDs) to manage the CIAM program and certify professionals worldwide. The CIAM study guide covers topics such as identity governance, program management, identity lifecycle and transformation, authentication, access management processes, and enforcement.

What Do Certified Members Say About CIAM?
Below is a sample of member testimonials:

“I have been an Information Technology and Cybersecurity professional for over 20 years and the CIAM is one of the best programs I have had the opportunity to complete.”

“With my job experience combined with the knowledge I gained through the course, I feel more confident leading my team going forward.”

“What a great program! I learned quite a bit in a short time from the CIAM program which gets an A+.”

Who Should Become CIAM
Due to increasing threats to system security and data access as well as consistent flow of new technical IAM solutions, organizations across the globe are engaging CIAM experts to assess their identity and access management capabilities, define their maturity level, launch initiatives, and manage programs.

Identity Management Institute members who earn the CIAM professional designation are identity and access management experts who work for a variety of government agencies, businesses, and technology companies worldwide to design, implement, improve, or manage identity and access management programs, processes, and tools.

About Identity Management Institute
Identity Management Institute is a global and independent organization which was founded in 2007 and offers 8 certification tracks to its global members. These certifications cover all aspects of identity and access management, identity theft, and data protection to collectively provide a comprehensive training in all areas where digital identity risks exist.