Celerium Approved as a Licensed Training Provider by CMMC Accreditation Body

Celerium is one of the first organizations to be both a Licensed Training Provider and a Licensed Partner Publisher.  


EL SEGUNDO, Calif., Jan. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Celerium Inc. is now one of the first organizations to be approved as both a Licensed Training Provider (LTP) and a Licensed Partner Publisher (LPP) by the CMMC Accreditation Body (CMMC AB), the company announced today.

The CMMC Accreditation Body previously approved Celerium as a Licensed Partner Publisher (LPP) in September 2020. As an LPP, Celerium is authorized to develop content to train CMMC Assessors who will be assessing DoD defense suppliers.

With the new designation as a Licensed Training Provider (LTP), Celerium also will be able to deliver training courses to CMMC assessors.

Celerium’s free CMMC Academy initiative, launched in January 2020, provides resources to help defense suppliers understand and navigate the CMMC requirements, including a free videos and webinars. In July 2020, Celerium hosted a CMMC Virtual Summit featuring Katie Arrington, the CISO for the U.S. Department of Defense Acquisitions Office, as well as guests who helped craft the CMMC model and representatives from the CMMC Accreditation Body.

The CMMC Academy also provides a free CMMC self-assessment tool, and an online reference guide that makes it easier for Defense suppliers to navigate the practices and processes within CMMC. The CMMC Academy’s International Alliance include the Aviation ISAC and the American Danish Business Council.

“We are excited to add the designation of Licensed Training Provider to Celerium so that we can help facilitate the training of CMMC assessors as well as continue to strengthen our CMMC Academy’s ability to provide deeper insights and knowledge to defense suppliers that will be required to comply with CMMC,” said Celerium General Manager Tommy McDowell. “We’re looking forward to being able to provide courses to assessors as well as defense suppliers, and we will continue to offer valuable CMMC resources to companies in the Defense Industrial Base as the industry focuses on improving cybersecurity and protecting important CUI and FCI data.”

About Celerium
Celerium® is focused on improving supply chain cyber defense within critical infrastructure industries, including the defense, aviation, and automotive industries. Its Cyber Defense Network (CDN) family of solutions empowers organizations to defend and protect against cyber threats via cyber threat intelligence and threat sharing tools.

Celerium is a leading supplier of cyber threat intelligence and cyber threat sharing solutions for critical infrastructure organizations serving the defense, aviation, and automotive industries.

Celerium also powers the next generation of information-sharing organizations, including ISAOs and ISACs. Relied on by government agencies, enterprise risk management teams, CISOs, and SOC analysts, Celerium provides cyber defense solutions to help organizations defend and protect against threats. Learn more at www.celerium.com.