Canvs AI Introduces Canvs MRX and Canvs Social

Formerly Canvs Surveys and Campaigns, these enhanced products feature more ways for companies to gain powerful insights

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 12, 2021 / — Canvs, the leading customer insights platform for text analytics, is re-introducing its market research and emotion measurement solutions in a continued mission to deliver the fastest, most accurate insights at scale.

Canvs MRX (formerly Canvs Surveys)

Canvs MRX goes well beyond surveys to offer a truly “BYOD – Bring Your Own Data” platform. Canvs MRX is data-agnostic and will analyze any open-ended text, whether from a data collection service such as Qaultrics, Confirmit, and Survey Monkey, or other sources of digital conversation such as product reviews or social media comments. Users can easily upload their unstructured text through a simple and intuitive interface to be processed through Canvs’ NLP machine-learned platform for near-instant insights. Emotion, Topic, and Code visualizations make trends easy to identify and understand. Canvs MRX also now includes the option to export data visualizations into PPT, making it faster than ever to present Canvs customer insights with graphics that are fully embedded and fully modifiable, including colors, counts, titles, and chart types.

Canvs Social (formerly Campaigns)

Canvs Social is an emotion measurement solution that turns conversations about brands’ social media assets into actionable insights. Canvs Social analyzes and codes social media commentary, equipping them with the knowledge of how consumers are perceiving their content. With these insights, companies are able to optimize and innovate during the life of the campaign, identifying what’s working and what isn’t to refine campaign messaging to better align with consumers’ emotions. Once the campaign has concluded, they can also use the Canvs Social platform to export robust wrap-up reports to share the insights collected, including benchmarks against competitors and their own previous campaigns.

“We are simplifying and clarifying our product portfolio,” said Erinn Taylor, EVP of Product and Platform for Canvs. ”Canvs MRX better explains the wide use-case for our text analytics platform, and Canvs Social combines our various social conversation listening options. Canvs does not have a survey tool, nor do we collect our own survey data; we work with partners to analyze and interpret how consumers feel from the data they bring us. We focus on the challenging, manual work of understanding digital conversations, and provide our customers a simple, effective tool to quickly expose insights.”

In addition to Canvs MRX and Social, Canvs is rolling out more upgrades and innovations across the entire product line.

Canvs TV, Canvs’ syndicated OTT and Linear TV airing performance platform, now exposes Topic analysis alongside Emotion measurement. By examining the topics behind the emotional reactions, Canvs can identify a richer understanding of viewer reactions, including the impact of programming elements such as talent, characters, and plot. Additionally, Canvs TV will soon roll out a unified view, combining feedback from YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, to add to the current Twitter format. Along with that release is the addition of new inline benchmarking options to help align results against other airings in similar genres.

All Canvs solutions are built on fully accessible APIs that require limited technical experience to connect. Canvs APIs are turnkey and come with customer support and full documentation, so Canvs metrics can be easily embedded and operationalized as an integrated component in client-facing applications to enrich insights.

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Canvs is the easiest and most accurate Customer Insights platform to instantly analyze open-ended text. It is the world’s largest ontology of digital conversations, trained on over 10 billion social comments and survey open-ends to understand the nuance of how consumers describe their feelings and what drives their behavior. With years of experience in Media and Entertainment as the leader in emotion measurement for TV viewership; Canvs has extended its patented framework to market research applications, providing new insight into open-ended surveys and moderated responses.

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