Cancer Help Desk® Offers Cutting-Edge Patient and Caregiver Support; Serves as a Neutral Liaison with Oncology Partners

BURLINGAME, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 2, 2023/ — Cancer Help Desk, Inc., is proud to announce launching its 501(c)(3) nonprofit services organization. Cancer Help Desk combines compassion, expert knowledge, and evidence-based science to offer personalized education, resources, and treatment choices to people dealing with cancer. Cancer Help Desk will serve as a neutral liaison between patients seeking access to cancer services as well as organizations needing to reach patients—to improve individual outcomes and address broader issues of health inequity in the United States.

“What sets Cancer Help Desk apart is our exceptional team of oncology nurses, navigators, and PhD scientists with decades of experience in clinical care and research. Together we have a unique ability to match patients with appropriate molecular testing, genomic profiling, targeted treatments, and clinical trials. Cancer Help Desk is dedicated to partnering with patients to make well-informed decisions about their treatment options and empowering them to navigate their cancer care with confidence and a sense of urgency—in a timely manner,” said Rebecca Driscoll, Cancer Help Desk’s Chief Executive Officer.

“Having experienced Stage IV metastatic melanoma, I know the need for current, viable treatments is crucial. While I was undergoing debilitating treatments, I remember feeling overwhelmed and anxious about whether I had found the best therapies for me. Cancer Help Desk would have been my first call after diagnosis, had a resource like this been accessible,” shared prominent philanthropist and fundraiser Susan Martin, member of Cancer Help Desk’s Board of Directors.

The organization is already making a difference in the lives of individual pediatric and adult cancer patients by leveraging relationships with community cancer support centers and clinics to create connections with oncology and academic organizations seeking to provide patients and caregivers with education on cutting edge testing and treatment options.

“Cancer Help Desk fills a void in cancer care, helping patients better understand their treatment options, ensuring appropriate testing, and linking them and their providers with researchers, to improve health equity and patient outcomes,” said world-renowned pathologist Ken Bloom, MD, Head of Pathology at Nucleai and member of Cancer Help Desk’s board of directors. Dr. Bloom is assisting Cancer Help Desk with convening a medical advisory committee.

Cancer Help Desk’s comprehensive services and patient-centered approach aim to improve the critical timing and clarification of the complex cancer care experience, enhance access to information, and foster collaborative partnerships among patients, oncology providers, and researchers. By leveraging evidence-based science and prioritizing the needs of patients, Cancer Help Desk strives to dynamically bring patients, caregivers, and the oncology community together with compassion, respect, and transparency when dealing with cancer.


About Cancer Help Desk, Inc.

Cancer Help Desk is dedicated to serving cancer patients, caregivers, oncology providers, and researchers as a neutral liaison. Using evidence-based science and extensive clinical expertise, they offer personalized education, resources, and choices to anyone dealing with cancer—with urgency, respect, and compassion. Our Answers. Your Choices. More information on Cancer Help Desk can be found at You can also follow Cancer Help Desk on Facebook (@cancerhelpdesk), Instagram (@mycancerhelpdesk), Twitter (@cancerhelpnow), and at Cancer Help Desk on LinkedIn.

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