Billion Success Magazine Interviews Jacob Nicotra, CEO and Founder of Jacob Nicotra Web Development

Jacob Nicotra, CEO and founder of Jacob Nicotra Web Development, interviewed by Billion Success Magazine

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As the founder and CEO of Jacob Nicotra Web Development, Jacob Nicotra was a natural choice to be interviewed by

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, June 19, 2022 / — Jacob Nicotra, the founder and CEO of Jacob Nicotra Web Development, was recently featured on ( As the founder and CEO of Jacob Nicotra Web Development, a premiere web development company specializing in custom web development, eCommerce solutions, and WordPress design and development, Mr. Nicotra was a natural choice to be interviewed on as part of its series featuring leaders in the tech industry.

Billion Success Media is an entrepreneurship and authorship education platform. It is a support system for new entrepreneurs, self-published authors, and self-employed freelancers. Among its services are web design, web content management, web services, and online magazine publication, book publishing, digital products, and other digital services. It provides a number of online services to help new entrepreneurs launch and grow their new businesses.

Jacob Nicotra shared his thoughts on a wide variety of subjects and offered advice and tips to other entrepreneurs, especially those just getting started in the tech industry. Regarding what it is that separates Jacob Nicotra Web Development from the competition, Mr. Nicotra commented:

“What sets my company apart is that I create something unique and tailored to the client’s needs and do not rely on cookie-cutter frameworks. This way, every small business that I work with can rest assured that they are receiving a product that is truly original. There are too many IT businesses that take their clients for granted, assuming that they know better than their clients what type of software would suit them best, or what type of website they need. I truly listen to my clients wants and needs, and go from there.”

He also spoke candidly about what mistakes he made when first starting out and what lessons he was able to learn from them:

“I over-extended myself. At one point, I agreed to take on too many projects at once, merely because I was thrilled by the influx of work. I quickly realized that it’s far better to focus on delivering quality over quantity. This is what I have focused on since then. I under-charged. In the past, I would compare my rates with market averages or quotes from my competitors. While it is important to offer competitive rates, I started to understand that what I offer is of a higher caliber and quality than many others on the market. Therefore, charging more than average allows me to deliver this quality work by focusing all my energy and resources on a single project at a time. I under-utilized referrals. References of past work is still a very viable and vital form of marketing, even in the era of digital ads. Word-of-mouth can have much more sway over people’s decisions than a mere Facebook ad, especially to many small business owners. I didn’t realize this early on, so I neglected this important marketing strategy. Now, I communicate the importance of referrals and testimonials to my clients. Those that are willing to participate, play an important role in my marketing strategy.”

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About Jacob Nicotra, founder and CEO of Jacob Nicotra Web Development

Jacob Nicotra is the founder and CEO of Jacob Nicotra Web Development, a premiere web development company specializing in custom web development, eCommerce solutions, and WordPress design and development. Jacob comes from a family of entrepreneurs and has always been interested in business and technology. After working in web development for several years, Jacob decided to open his own company. With a strong background in STEM, biochemistry, and thousands of clinical hours, Jacob Nicotra decided to redirect his career in 2021 to pursue a path in the tech industry as a software engineer.

After evaluating market trends and employment opportunities, he underwent a 6 month software engineering course. To date, Jacob Nicotra has developed 4 full stack web applications, as well as launched an online web development business, focused on building websites for small businesses. He is currently developing an estimation tool for a painting and construction company that will support a streamlined estimate process and help generate new business and increased revenue. In addition to his busy schedule in software development and running his business, Jacob has continued to volunteer for many different causes but especially for organizations that focus on mental health counseling.

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