axiusSoftware awarded Brand of The Year & Company of The Year in 2022

Company of The Year 2022

Awarded “Brand of the Year” and “Company of the Year” in 2022, axiusSoftware is en-route to establishing itself as one of the fastest-growing Companies

We have changed for the better but what we have not changed are our Core Values based on Trust and Relationship, Customer Success, and Respect for Individuals.”

— Kiki Li

USA, January 26, 2023 / — Awarded “Brand of the Year” by CSR Times and “Company of the Year” in the Software Development category by the prestigious The CEO Magazine-India in 2022, axiusSoftware is en-route to establishing itself as one of the fastest-growing Software Development and Digital Consulting Companies.

With offices in Kolkata(India), Beijing(China), Tianjin(China), and Singapore, axiusSoftware caters to a host of global clients. Offering a variety of services ranging from Enterprise Mobile Solutions, Enterprise Web Solutions, and Digital Marketing to AR/VR/MR, AI/ML/IoT, and Enterprise WeChat Solutions, axiusSoftware has been making waves in the digital sphere since its inception in 2013.

axiusSoftware was founded by Jayanta Nandy and Kiki Li. With over 23 years of IT experience, Jayanta has worked in Leadership Roles in TCS China and Infosys China encompassing pre-sales, sales, and delivery. Kiki comes with extensive experience in Sales and Marketing and is responsible for handling operations along with strategic customer partnerships.

With their combined 28+ years of expertise and experience, axiusSoftware has grown by leaps and bounds in less than a decade. As of 2022, axiusSoftware has worked with over 86 clients from over 15 countries. Their progress can be listed as follows,

2013: axiusSoftware begins with only 3 employees in Kolkata, India
2017: Tianjin, China Office is established
2021: Opening of Beijing, China Branch Office
2022: Jayanta Nandy is awarded the “International Achievers’ Award”
2022: axiusSoftware, India, is awarded “Brand Company of the Year 2022”
2022: axiusSoftware, is awarded ” Company of the Year 2022″ in the Software Development category

While the company is exhilarated on being recognized and commemorated as both Brand of the Year and Company of the Year in 2022, they are looking towards achieving greater heights in the realm of Digital Transformation and beyond in the coming future.

Looking to transform itself into a service and product-oriented company in the coming years with products for Healthcare and Education industries, axiusSoftware is confident of a double-digit Y-Y growth rate. The company’s can-do attitude is driven by its founders. When asked about differentiators of axiusSoftware, Jayanta confidently answers,

“We stand upon our 3 key differentiators of being Flexible & Agile, Delivering As We Promise, and Our Experienced and Dynamic Team. We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face difficulties and challenges.”

Looking ahead, axiusSoftware wants to be established as one of the industry leaders in the digital sector. From Enterprise Solutions to AI, ML, and AR/VR, the company wants to showcase its expertise by offering top-notch streamlined solutions to its diverse set of clients.

With plans to establish its first office in the US by the end of 2023, axiusSoftware is looking forward to establishing itself as one of the leading names in the digital world.

Jayanta Nandy
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