Artificial Intelligence Can Now Read Multiple Documents in a Single Image can understand multiple documents in a single image invented a technology to detect multiple documents images and process them accordingly allows its users to choose AI features with a click of a button’s patent-pending Segmentation AI understands multiple documents in one photo, such as a few receipts in a single expense report.

This groundbreaking technology will solve an age-old problem by adding a new skill to Artificial Intelligence. will continue helping document processing in daily office life with AI.”

— Ozan Bilgen, CEO

NEW YORK, NY, USA, October 27, 2023 / — announced a new technology named “Segmentation AI” to detect and understand multiple documents within a single image. The AI comprehends the physical boundaries of documents, allowing it to crop each document and process them individually. This ground-breaking new technology eliminates the need for users to manually split documents before processing, thereby reducing validation time and the chances of document type classification and data extraction errors. It’s beneficial for expense reporting and customer onboarding tasks, where a single image often contains multiple documents, such as multiple IDs. With Segmentation AI, there’s no requirement for additional setup to segment document information; automatically detects objects before classifying a document.

How does the Artificial Intelligence split documents?

Segmentation AI employs a specialized neural network for salient object detection. This process comprises two fundamental steps: first, it identifies the most essential elements on the page and then isolates them from the surrounding content. In this scenario, an image featuring a NY State ID and a Ukraine passport ID was processed and automatically split into two separate document files. Even though both files originate from the same image, they yield distinct results, each corresponding to a different section of the single document.

Once a multi-document image is split, detects the document type and uses the most relevant model for data extraction. Each file is labeled with the model name under “Name,” signifying its classification. After splitting, each document can be reviewed separately. In the cropped documents, data associated with other documents will not appear in the results, OCR, or API response. Signatures, tables, and face detection are extracted exclusively for the corresponding document.

While can automatically detect multiple documents, users can fine-tune their processing workflow by accessing the “Segmentation” feature under “AI Features” in flow settings. This allows the user to ensure that multi-document images are consistently split. Segmentation AI settings are available on the AI features page in Flow settings.

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