Art vs. Cartoons: NFTs for Adults

Clough is banking his art will be preferred to cartoons.

The Art of Charles Clough

Artist Charles Clough in 2015

Charles Clough Banking That Content Still Counts

The scale of my audience has, until now, been of the ‘bespoke’ dimension. Frankly, I’m ready for Beeple’s 40 million eyes to behold my treasure.”

— Charles Clough

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2022 / — Charles Clough, in an interview over the weekend with a local art critic, laid down the proverbial gauntlet and exclaimed “I’ve been at this for 50 years, and my works are in a lot of museums. I am getting involved in the NFT marketplace because I think there’s a place for adults and adult art. At non-eye-watering prices.” As proof, Clough points to his first NFT collection, “The Clufffalo Numbers: 2020“. His works there are priced in the hundreds, not thousands.

In an interview scheduled to appear in next month’s premiere issue of San Francisco’s “Artesian” magazine, Clough sounded defiant.

“Look, I think a lot of what’s selling now is junk. Bored Apes on Fake Yachts. Crypto Kitties. Brain Vomit Gardens. Cactus Worlds. For every NFT from Disney Studios offering an original animation cel and JPEG from “Snow White”, there are thousands upon thousands of NFTs consisting of pure schlock.”

With his art in the permanent collection of over 70 museums globally, including the National Gallery and The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, going into the NFT marketplace – inherently digital – was a natural fit for this acknowledged visionary. As far back as 1971, Clough envisioned a future of himself as “a painter” in the guise of “a film or a ghost”.

The artist’s approach to this new paradigm would appear generous, and not just because of the reasonable pricing. Clough is including his original, signed painting, along with the expected JPEG, in each NFT. He is selling them “in unity” and wishes them to stay that way – the “film” and the “ghost,” if you will. Says Clough, “My art has been exhibited in every state, but the scale possible here is different. With or without my original paintings, this is a new path for me, and I couldn’t be more energized.”

The 10 original paintings that comprise “The Clufffalo Numbers: 2020” NFT collection will be exhibited by the artist at an invitation-only event in San Francisco on March 1. Please contact Dean Clough for further information.

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Dean Clough
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