AR VR On-Demand MICRO Exhibition Launching at the Mountain View Tech Showcase

An online event like no other, connecting you to the latest XR industry trends

With the rollout of 5G and the On-Demand MICRO Exhibition, we hope to deliver a unique online event experience, maximizing value to all event stakeholders with data insights.”

— Chien Lee, Founder and Chief Scientist at SparkAmplify

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, July 20, 2021 / — SparkAmplify, an AI-powered PR SaaS company is joining forces with its global media publication affiliate, SparkAmpLab, in launching an On-Demand MICRO Exhibition specially catered for the AR VR industry. The company aims to facilitate the transformation of the offline tradeshow and successfully re-define the online experience via its “On-Demand MICRO Exhibition” service. The exclusive XR event will launch on July 20, 2021, during the upcoming Mountain View Technology Showcase in Silicon Valley, California.

With 80,000 media journalists profiled and over 5,000,000 articles analyzed, SparkAmplify holds the key to one of the essential components of event marketing, targeted media outreach. At the 2020 CES, prior to the pandemic outbreak, SparkAmplify was ahead of its time by introducing its On-Demand Press Conference service and successfully assisted exhibiting organizations and companies worldwide in maximizing its virtual media coverage potential without the traditional physical event constraints. Global successful customers included Enterprise SG, JETRO, Taiwan Tech Arena, and over 100+ startups.

SparkAmplify has strategically extended its service by offering an Eventbrite-like function and experience for event organizers with built-in intelligent outbound marketing integrations that focus on three essential event stakeholders, media, attendees (aka buyers), and exhibitors. Its “micro” format is perfectly situated for the New Normal online exhibition experience, promoting data-driven trending content to relevant key stakeholders. And by leveraging its advanced analytics capability, On-Demand Micro Exhibition event organizers and exhibitors have access to detailed engagement-intent data for executable actionable results.

“At SparkAmplify, we see great potential for the XR space in the New Normal. With the rollout of 5G and the On-Demand MICRO Exhibition, we hope to deliver a unique online event experience, maximizing value to all event stakeholders with data insights. And with many leading XR organizations such as XR EXPRESS TW scheduled to promote their events (e.g. Metaverse), the upcoming AR VR On-Demand MICRO Exhibition is definitely an event you won’t want to miss.” Chien Lee, Founder and Chief Scientist at SparkAmplify.

About SparkAmplify
SparkAmplify, an innovative marketing technology SaaS company based in California and Taipei was founded in 2016. The team consists of a group of passionate data scientists, engineers, designers, and marketers looking to reshape PR and event marketing. SparkAmplify was selected as one of the Top 50 startups among 6,000+ startups from 80 countries at the 2017 Startup Grind Global Conference and a Top 100 startup at the Echelon 2019 Asia Summit.

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