AppRiver 2019 Mid Year Threat Report

2019 is off to quite a conspicuous start from a cyberthreat
perspective. Frequent reports of public service disruptions
have made headlines as municipalities found themselves on the
receiving end of crippling ransomware attacks. Data breaches
have been quite prolific, and none more headline-grabbing as
the attack on Quest Diagnostics/Labcorp, which reportedly
exposed personal data of 11.9 million patients.

Cybercriminals have used their footholds on targets to execute
chained malware attacks, delivering maximum impact on the
infected organizations. The infamous Emotet trojan/group has
continued to evolve by adding new functionality to existing
assets. The on-going exploitation of a vulnerability that was
patched 19 months ago gives us a grim insight into just how
many unpatched systems likely still exist in the real world. In
addition, attackers continue to leverage hacked accounts to
launch attacks against unwitting targets.