AMN Reaches Milestone of One Million Phone Calls Through New Radio Node

ARN-900 Flexible Mobile Network Radio Node

AMN Rural Base Station

AMN Rural Base Station

AMN has launched commercially its first product based on the technology of Range Networks and surpassed 1 million phone calls

LONDON, UK, July 14, 2021 / — Africa Mobile Networks (AMN) is pleased to announce that it has now processed more than 1 million mobile voice calls through its new 2G/3G radio node, the ARN-900, in commercial service. The ARN-900 is a flexible, software-based radio node, built on Open RAN principles, which supports multiple carriers with mixed 2G/3G/4G technologies. The ARN-900 is the first in-house product launched by AMN following its 2020 acquisition of US Company Range Network Systems Inc., based in Silicon Valley, California.

AMN provides a full turnkey NaaS (“Network as a Service”) solution to enable tier-1 mobile network operators in sub-Sahran Africa to expand their coverage deep into rural areas with zero capex investment and zero opex risk. AMN currently operates about 2,000 mobile network base stations in rural towns and villages across 10 countries for tier-1 operators, serving about 7 million people who were previously unconnected and processing about 1.2 billion phone calls per annum.

The ARN-900 radio node operates in the 900 MHz band and provides up to 4 TRX capacity for 2G service together with an integrated 3G service, supporting up to 300,000 voice minutes per month without blocking and typically capable of serving up to 4,000 mobile network subscribers and a population of about 15,000 people per node. The ARN-900 was first launched at the end of May 2021 delivering service for MTN and by end of June had surpassed 1 million successful phone calls.

Michael Darcy, CEO of AMN, said “We are very pleased to have been able to use the IPR and software of Range Networks to bring a product to market so quickly. The new ARN-900 is a flexible node that enables us to add more features and services, including soon 4G/LTE and 5G, with the same hardware platform and software upgrades. As well as integrating 2G and 3G into a single node, the new product offers far greater capacity than we ever had before from a single radio node, to serve more subscribers and more traffic without blocking during busy hours. We are very pleased to work with MTN to launch this product first in Liberia before we roll out across all of Africa”.

“We are delighted that AMN chose Liberia with MTN to launch the new ARN product and very pleased with the extra capacity and high performance it has delivered for the towns and villages in rural Liberia” added Elias Chembe, CTIO of MTN Liberia.

“The Range Networks team is very pleased to be part of the AMN Group. Seeing our technology deployed in Africa so quickly and making such a real difference for people in rural communities is exciting.” said Harvind Samra, Founder and CTO of Range Networks and Chief Architect of AMN.

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