Amendment 821 Part A (Retroactive) Infographic Released: Enhancing Transparency and Accessibility

Amendment 821 Part A Infograph

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Sentencing Stats’ Guide to U.S. Sentencing Commission’s Amendment 821, §4A1.1 Part A (retroactive), otherwise known as Criminal History Status Points reduction

We found it critical to develop this tool with clarity and accessibility in mind, in the hopes of helping thousands of inmates and their families better understand the process.”

— Mark Allenbaugh

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, USA, October 3, 2023 / — Sentencing Stats is pleased to announce the launch of an informative new infographic guiding readers through the intricacies of Amendment 821 Part A’s criminal history point reductions, also known as the “status points” amendment. The amendment constitutes modifications to §4A1.1. This visual guide breaks down the amendment’s impact in a clear, accessible way to help those navigating potential reductions. By enhancing transparency and raising awareness of this important change, Sentencing Stats aims to expand justice and fairness in our legal system.

Amendment 821 Part A has an effective date of February 1st, 2024. It allows for the retroactive reduction of up to two criminal history points for roughly 11,495 federal inmates nationwide. However, not every defendant automatically qualifies for this change. Navigating the amendment’s technical criteria can seem daunting without proper guidance.

Sentencing Stats’ new infographic simplifies the often complex qualification process into digestible steps. Readers learn who may be affected, requirements for qualifying for a status points reduction, the application process, total point thresholds, and factors like downward departures that could impact eligibility. Additional considerations around mandatory minimums and other factors are also addressed. The infographic is available both on’s website and on the free resource site, developed by Sentencing Stats,

Critical details on effective dates, average sentence reductions, and next steps are provided. For those who initially appear eligible, tools like a free pre-qualification form and paid certification service are now available. The certification provides professional assistance to defendants to help them gather documents, assess their individual case and receive an expert analysis of their likelihood and potential outcome.

Clear, visual guides have never been more important for informing communities impacted by our legal system. This Amendment 821 Part A infographic empowers those directly affected with the knowledge to self-advocate. It also helps concerned parties like attorneys, advocates, loved ones, and the public better grasp this consequential amendment from the start. More broadly, Sentencing Stats aims to enhance transparency and trust in our justice process through data-driven insights.

While the impacts of Amendment 821 Part A will be life-changing for thousands, qualifying can still seem opaque without proper guidance. Sentencing Stats’ founder Mark Allenbaugh had this to say: “As experts in the field of federal sentencing analysis, we found it critical to develop this tool with clarity and accessibility in mind, in the hopes of helping thousands of inmates and their families better understand the process”.

Added co-founder and CEO of Sentencing Stats, Darren Kramer: “Our goal is to spread awareness of the amendment to as many people as possible – including communities that might not otherwise know of potential reductions or lack resources to explore eligibility on their own.”

Sentencing Stats invites all those interested to freely share or download a PDF copy of this new guide. For a limited time, our paid certification service is also being offered at a discounted rate of just $49. We strongly advise interested parties explore certification sooner rather than later, as processing times are expected to increase significantly as the effective date approaches.

Through visually clear materials and inclusive information sharing, Sentencing Stats strives to make our legal system more navigable and just for all involved. We hope this latest resource on Amendment 821, Part A will help expand awareness, accessibility and fairness during this important time of potential change for thousands of offenders and their supporters nationwide.

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