Alessandra Pollina and Leah Garcia Interviewed by Candice Georgiadis

Alessandra Pollina, founder and owner of Quotable Media Co

Leah Garcia, Founder and CEO of NULASTIN®

Candice Georgiadis

Alessandra Pollina, founder and owner of Quotable Media Co. Leah Garcia, Founder and CEO of NULASTIN®.

“Never quit a race.” Metaphorically speaking, a race is competition, life, business, forward progress, challenge. Once you quit, you learn to quit, and it gets easier and easier.”

— Leah Garcia, Founder and CEO of NULASTIN®

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Alessandra Pollina, founder and owner of Quotable Media Co
Based on your opinion and experience, what are the “Five Things You Need To Thrive and Succeed as a Woman Founder?” (Please share a story or example for each.)

Grit Motivation Persistence A strong support system Self-belief

Grit- it’s not easy. Even if it feels easy at first because you’re so aligned with what you’re doing and you feel so called to this business, I think for almost everyone there will come a point where you find yourself in a tough spot. Whether it’s a tough business decision, a negative experience, a hard situation with a client or customer, frustration at not making enough money as you hoped or needed, having to fire an employee, having stock shipments delayed, or having a sick kid at home on a day when you had a huge meeting planned, there will be times that are not easy. Having grit will get you through. Not taking no for an answer, consistently figuring out a way to make ‘it’ work, never letting someone’s harsh words make you quit, just having the stamina to make it through the tough times and not let them break you or your love for the business- these are all the ways that having grit will help you succeed. There’s a certain capacity for letting things roll off your back, and also for plowing forward when you know you’re right that I consider the grit you need to succeed.
Motivation- a lot of people I’ve seen start businesses and quit before they felt successful because they lacked motivation. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just a fact of life. Sometimes you lose motivation for your business or whatever you’re doing. Some people just aren’t very motivated in general but maybe decided to start something because it seemed fun or easy, but then didn’t want to stick with it once that part of it wore off. The people who I’ve seen succeed and thrive the most are those who have an innate level of motivation within themselves and/or constantly seek to build and hold onto motivation. I think it’s important to continuously create motivation within yourself so as not to risk losing it. My motivation is always reinvigorated by talking to other successful business owners and hearing about what cool things they’re creating or have worked on. It keeps me excited for new possibilities and motivates me to do more and do better. Whatever motivates you, I think it’s important to consciously take part in that on a regular basis and make sure you don’t let your motivation die.

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Leah Garcia, Founder and CEO of NULASTIN®
Can you share 3 of the best words of advice you’ve gotten along your journey? Please give a story or example for each.

“Never quit a race.” Metaphorically speaking, a race is competition, life, business, forward progress, challenge. Once you quit, you learn to quit, and it gets easier and easier.

I think the quote speaks for itself. Let’s put it into a real-time perspective. Say, you’ve entered your first ½ marathon and your part way through the event, getting passed by other people. You’re tired, scared, doubtful. Your ego gets the best of you and instead of staying in the moment, remembering why you are there in the first place, knowing what it is you want to achieve, you simply stop. Given no external factors (severe dehydration, an injury, or other physical reasons), it’s classified as a mental failure. When you quit, that sets a tone. My experience is that even if you decide to compete again, you’ll find another reason to quit. I’ve known people who self-sabotage way too often. They create an opportunity to fail.

Athletic examples are widespread in my interview responses, but I truly believe they apply to business. I have worked with a few men over the years who have demonstrated this sabotage behavior. They make last-minute, poor choice negotiations that sets the company back detrimentally. COG’s are too high, too restrictive, inappropriate partnerships. The moment they shrug their shoulders and quit taking responsibility, thinking it’s not really their fault, it’s the beginning of the end. Being in the trenches and seeing this phenomenon firsthand, watching someone hit home run after home run — and then witnessing the egregious failures, convinced me that these are moments when someone has quit the race previously — and have come to do it again. It’s their self-fulfilling prophecy of hard-knocks, bad-go-of-it mentality. What I’ve seen is that they’ll start another business soon after, get about to the same spot and repeat the process all over again. This is quitting the race.

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