ABM Senior High Track and BS Entrepreneurship Took Center Stage at CIIT Philippines’ Media Launch

CIIT Philippines’ media launch focused on showcasing ABM Senior High Track and BS Entrepreneurship offered by the institution

The institution’s media launch highlighted its ABM Senior High Track and BS Entrepreneurship programs, including their edge in digital and technical education.

QUEZON CITY, METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES, March 31, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — CIIT Philippines takes pride in its technology-focused approach to education, not only in the multimedia art courses but also in its ABM Senior High Track and BS Entrepreneurship. Thus, to further showcase the capabilities of these new programs, the institution hosted a media launch last March 9, 2023, that invited different media outlets, writers, and editors. The event was held under the theme “Leading a New Generation of Innovators in Business and Entrepreneurship: Interweaved with Arts and Technology.”

A marked departure from the typical press briefing format, the launch event instead provided the invited media guests with firsthand experience of the academic life at CIIT. Rather than just sitting and listening, guests were able to step into the shoes of students and engage in an interactive session guided by a teacher—complete with a mock-up school ID. This innovative approach allowed guests to fully experience the creativity, innovation, and boundless potential that CIIT education can offer Filipino youth.

Regarding the activities, the registration process began at 9:45 AM at the lobby on the ground floor. To streamline this process, CIIT created a customized form using the low-code software and technology that they teach to their ABM and entrepreneurship students. Since the attendees’ information was already in the system, they only needed to verify their attendance and health status. CIIT representatives then delivered their opening remarks, which were followed by an audiovisual presentation that covered the ABM Senior High Track and BS Entrepreneurship.

After the initial presentations, the media guests were given a comprehensive tour of the campus, providing them an immersive experience of the school’s facilities and resources. The tour concluded at the venue, where the class showcase awaited the attendees. In this engaging and hands-on demonstration, participants were able to learn the process of building an e-commerce online ordering system. Additionally, they were also encouraged to take part in creating a POS system. At the end of the event, tokens were distributed as a gesture of appreciation.

The main objective of these efforts was to give the members of the press and their audiences in-depth knowledge about how industry-standard technology enhances CIIT’s curriculum. For instance, the ABM Senior High Track places a strong emphasis on technopreneurship, providing students with a boosted, technology-centric course that meets global educational standards. Likewise, the BS Entrepreneurship program enables access to advanced business tools essential for the success of modern-day entrepreneurs and organizations.

With the successful media launch, CIIT highlighted not only its impressive programs but also the state-of-the-art software and technology that the institution utilizes to optimize its operations. This has enabled CIIT to level the playing field and accelerate their position as one of the frontrunners in modern education. Promoting these aspects alongside their outstanding courses showed CIIT’s commitment toward cultivating a community where innovators, creators, and developers can thrive.

Overall, the media launch proved to be an effective strategy for reaching out to aspiring and passionate students. By giving them a detailed insight into CIIT’s outstanding education, they may obtain a deeper understanding of how the school can unlock their fullest potential and help them turn their professional goals into reality.

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