Aavgo & TROMPAR Partner to Transform Hotel Sales & Revenue Management

Aavgo and TROMPAR have joined forces to offer advanced technology solutions for hotel sales and revenue management, transforming the way hotels operate and enhancing the guest experience.

Aavgo has teamed up with TROMPAR to offer a comprehensive tech platform for hotel sales, pricing, and distribution.

Our partnership with TROMPAR will help us realize our long-term vision of transforming the hospitality industry through technology solutions that drive revenue and improve guest experiences.”

— Mrunal Desai, CEO Aavgo

SAN MATEO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 3, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — San Mateo-based hotel technology company Aavgo has entered into a strategic partnership with Santa Clara-based TROMPAR Labs to help manage sales, pricing, and distribution.

“Our human-assisted smart reception kiosk is now delivering a consistent and seamless experience to hotel guests. Our partnership with TROMPAR will help us get close to our long-term vision, which is to help hotels manage other aspects of their business such as sales, revenue & distribution management using our existing infrastructure and resources,” Mrunal Desai, CEO aavgo.

Hotels continue to struggle with finding trained and experienced resources as well as retaining the existing workforce. This has led to an exponential increase in adopting technology to help solve their business problems.

“We recognize that most limited & select service hotels do not have dedicated sales, revenue, and distribution management personnel primarily because it might not be cost-effective. Our platform helps hotels create, capture and manage demand from all channels and sources at a fraction of the cost” Gautam R, CEO & Founder TROMPAR Labs.

About Aavgo: Aavgo is taking the hospitality industry by storm with its cutting-edge cloud-based SaaS technology solutions that transform how hotels operate. The exclusive 360 Platform and Smart Reception products offer an all-in-one contactless solution tailored to enhance the overall customer experience while maximizing hotel profitability. With features such as contactless check-in, digital housekeeping, and lost keys, guests can enjoy a seamless and personalized experience, while hotels can reduce operational costs. Aavgo’s customer-centric approach and reputation for customized technology make it the industry leader, serving clients across the United States and Canada from its headquarters in San Mateo, California. Ready to transform your hotel operations? Choose Aavgo today!

TROMPAR is an AI-powered omnichannel commerce platform for hotels. Using personalized pricing TROMPAR helps hotels reduce dilution and unsold inventory.
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