50% of Cyberattacks Target Supply Chain, Seek Lateral Movement

Half of today’s cyberattacks leverage “island-hopping,” where hackers target not just the primary organization, but also those connected along the , according to the latest Carbon Black Global Incident Response Threat Report.

The report is complied from qualitative and quantitative input from 40 Carbon Black incident response partners, through 500 response engagements in 2018.

In fact, the researchers found that 70 percent of all attacks involve attempts to laterally move across the network. Hackers are taking advantage of new vulnerabilities and native operating system tools to proliferate across a victim’s network.

And 40 percent of respondents found that lateral movement attempts occurred in 90 percent of attacks.

What’s more, the financial and healthcare sectors remain the most vulnerable to these cyberattacks. About 70 percent of respondents saw attacks on the financial sector, and about 61 percent saw these attacks on healthcare.


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