$45 billion telehealth market could be undermined by hackers, massive breach says new survey data

According to a survey from Cynergistek:

  • has dramatically outpaced in-person visits amid the pandemic: 54% of respondents opted for telehealth options with phone consultations and video visits vs. 39% of Americans who opted for in-person visits.
    • Of those who used telehealth, more than 70% of respondents plan to continue to use telemedicine post-pandemic.
  • Hackers and breaches threaten the use of telehealth: Nearly half of respondents (48%) said they would be unlikely to use telehealth solutions again if their personal health data was hacked due to a telemedicine-related breach.
  • Delaying in-person care is another option that patients are considering: Throughout the pandemic, more than half (56%) of Americans considered postponing non-emergency medical appointments until the pandemic ends.
    • Vaccines: A quarter of Americans would postpone annual vaccines such as a flu shot until the pandemic was resolved.
    • Annual physicals: Nearly 40% are considering postponing physical exams for adults and child wellness exams.
    • This represents a major blow to the bottom line of regional and rural hospitals as elective surgeries are big revenue boosts.