2020 Global Encryption trends study | nCipher Security

The new top driver for is revealed – and it’s personal!

2020 Global Encryption trends study | nCipher Security

New research discovers organizations say employee mistakes are the most significant threat to sensitive data.

More than 54 percent of business leaders are concerned about inside threats, compared to the promotion concerned about hacking (29 percent) and malicious insiders (11 percent).

Today, nCipher Security released its 2020 Global Encryption Trends Study with the Ponemon Institute focused on who is the biggest threat to our security. 

The data also showed that for the first time ever, protecting customer personal information has become the biggest reason businesses opt for encryption. Globally, it even outranked compliance – 54 to 47 percent.

Other findings include:

  • Which country is the safest: USA, Germany, Australia, or the UK
  • What data is most/ least likely to be encrypted
  • Strategy and adoption of encryption
  • Why health data is least likely data type to be encrypted
  • Blockchain usage