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The U.S. Cyber Command has created a collaborative program with the private sector to share insights and information about critical
(Bloomberg) -- The U.S. has reassembled an election security team to safeguard the 2022 midterm vote, with officials citing fears
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By the Editorial Board Imagine every one of us could be located using only a photograph, or identified based on the
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TEL AVIV, May 2 (Reuters) - Israel's government on Monday ordered communications firms to step up their cyber security efforts
The FDIC Notification rules has gone into effect this week. Banks and other covered institutions muse report cyber incidents. Policy
Experts anticipated a Moscow-led cyber-assault; instead, unprecedented attacks by hacktivists and criminals have wreaked havoc in Russia By Joseph Menn For
NAMES, BIRTHDAYS, PASSPORT numbers, job titles—the personal information goes on for pages and looks like any typical data breach. But this
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By Dustin Volz  in Washington and Robert McMillan in San Francisco Apr. 12, 2022 12:16 pm ET Ukrainian and Western intelligence

Cyber Security News

Why track cyber security news? Cyber security is a world unto itself. It’s a profession, an IT discipline and now a major industry. Companies, consumers and governments are spending billions of dollars a year on cyber security. Security also pervades many areas of life that have little to do, seemingly, with cyberspace. Thus, to keep up with the world in general, it’s helpful to stay aware of news that relates to cyber security.

For example, the dispute between the US government and Huawei is at once about international trade, national security, telecom industry competition… and cybersecurity. Security is a root issue with Huawei, given the suspicions about the company’s connections to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). However, the company’s size, reach and technological innovation push the matter to the forefront of US-China relations.

cyber security newsOr, take consumer cyber risks. We cover cyber security news that deals with consumers’ exposure to cybercrime and fraud. Consumers are increasingly at risk for identity theft, credit card and other malfeasance at the hands of cyber criminals. The articles we curate on this subject come from law enforcement publications, mainstream media and specialized blogs.

Public policy is now being influenced (or should be) by cyber security news. Policy makers should be aware of how cyber security affect their jobs and constituents’ lives. For instance, the “smart city” is both an innovation and a threat. Using IoT sensors and advanced data analytics to improve municipal services is a great idea. However, the smart city also exposes government data to breach.

This is particularly urgent given the relatively insecure technologies (e.g. Chinese-made sensors) used for the smart city and the wireless connectivity that make it all possible. Add malicious nation-state actors to the mix, such as the ones currently paralyzing American cities with ransomware, and one can see the potential danger.