Policy & Tech Expert, Guru Prasad Sowle, represented India at Silicon Slopes Summit 2023

Indus International Research Foundation

Guru Prasad Sowle, with T.J Colaiezzi, CEO of LifeBrand, the lead sponsor for Silicon Slopes Summit 2023

The World Trade Center Utah Team

WTC Utah leaders consider India to represent the best partner for new trade and investment opportunities.”

— David Carlbach

UNITES STATES , October 4, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Salt Lake City, Utah – 10/04/2023

Mr. Guru Prasad Sowle, Founder and Director of the Indus International Research Foundation, was formally welcomed by the World Trade Centre Utah (WTC Utah) as India’s representative at the renowned Silicon Slopes Summit 2023. The summit, held annually in Salt Lake City, Utah, stands as a beacon for tech entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders worldwide.

His presence at the summit forged robust connections between Utah and India, paving the way for dynamic collaborations and investment prospects as he engaged in high-level networking sessions with potential partners keen on exploring the vibrant Indian market.
As India’s foremost representative, he shared his visionary insights, elevating India’s stature on the global tech landscape.

David Carlbach, COO and Managing Director of International Programs at WTC Utah remarked, “WTC Utah leaders consider India to represent the best partner for new trade and investment opportunities. We support investment by helping Indian companies do business and grow in the US, ideally by establishing a sales, customer success, or development site in Utah. Silicon Slopes Summit is the state’s premier event for connecting Utah tech to the world.”

This summit served as an important platform to funnel businesses into India, bolstering bilateral trade between the two nations. With Utah poised to become the next Silicon Valley of the US and India as the epicenter of tech innovation, the event promises a wealth of opportunities that could fuel a new wave of growth for both countries.

Additionally, Mr. Sowle’s visionary proposal for an Indo-US economic corridor, discussed with the honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, holds the potential to revolutionize the Indian MSME sector in the US market. This initiative, supported by the World Trade Centre, is poised to enhance the bilateral trade between India and the US.

“As Utah solidifies its reputation as the crossroads of the world, we are proud to host distinguished organizations like the Indus International Research Foundation USA and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Dallas Chapter. These collaborations drive innovation on a global scale and pave the way for enduring partnerships,” said Jonathan Freedman, President and CEO of WTC Utah.

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