Zix-AppRiver’s Q4 2019 CyberThreat Index

From inventory management, data analytics, office assistance and more, AI can take on a massive role, even within the smallest businesses, but Zix-AppRiver’s Q4 2019 CyberThreat Index for Business Survey revealed that education around this tech is clearly necessary prior to widespread implementation amongst small-to-medium sized businesses.

While it doesn’t come as a shock that 88% of the SMB leaders surveyed reported high levels of interest in adopting AI within their business, 7 in 10 of those interested leaders were not aware of potential cybersecurity risks that could accompany its use. The survey also revealed:

  • The 54% of all SMBs interested in AI will move forward with adoption despite the known risks, as they believe the benefits outweigh the risks
  • A stunning 82% of SMBs in the sensitive government sector were unaware of security risks associated with AI, but over half of them still plan to adopt regardless