Vita Imaging Launches StartEngine Campaign to Revolutionize Cancer Detection With Award-Winning Aura™ Device

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 25, 2023/ — Vita Imaging Inc., the company behind the revolutionary Aura™ device, is proud to announce the launch of their StartEngine crowdfunding campaign. Aura™ is a breakthrough solution for skin cancer detection based on cutting-edge Raman spectroscopy technology. Aura™ empowers Dermatologists and Physicians to rapidly detect, diagnose and treat Melanoma and non-Melanoma skin cancer.

“We are excited to partner with StartEngine to make our cutting-edge technology available to everyone,” said CEO Thinh Tran. “Our goal is to help physicians make early and accurate detection of skin cancer possible for patients around the world.”

Aura™ has won several awards, including the Bronze Edison Award for Innovation, for its new approach to healthcare. The device is user-friendly with minimal training required for use by clinicians. It also offers integrated data management software that allows users to store patient records securely in one place. Its compact design makes it highly portable, and it easily fits in any clinical setting without requiring added space or setup time.

Vita Imaging surpassed $200,000 of investment in the initial 72 hours of their campaign, earning the “hot” spot under the “most momentum” category on crowdfunding websites such as KingsCrowd. This financing will help fund further development of the Aura™ device for other cancer applications and expand its global reach. Investors who participate in this opportunity will receive equity shares in Vita Imaging as acknowledgment of their support.

By supporting Vita Imaging’s crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine, you can help revolutionize skin cancer detection and potentially save lives!

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