The Deep Blue Sea Gala in Texas sets sail towards a sustainable future

Jessica Ann Greenwalter speaks on stage at Deep Blue Sea Gala at Grand Galvez Hotel on November 20, 2022 in Galveston, Texas.

(L-R) Georg Engelmann, CEO of Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc., Chief Scientist and engineer for Global’s Corporate Machine, Emily Vo, Benedetta Caretta, Steve Keinath, Board member, Global Oceanic & SeaDog Systems Inc., Jessica Greenwalt, CEO of

(L-R) Kenneth W. Welch Jr, Visionary, Founder & CEO of Global’s Corporate Machine, Steve Keinath, Philanthropist, and Jessica Greenwalt, CEO of Moxie Media Marketing Inc., Spokeswoman for Global’s Corporate Machine presents at the Deep Blue Sea Gala, intr

In late November 2022, a powerful alliance of sustainable energy leaders converged for the Deep Blue Sea Gala in Galveston, Texas.

We’ve brought the power of ocean waves onshore using a wave pool standing technology to generate electricity – and that’s just the beginning.”

— Jessica Ann Greenwalt, Global’s Corporate Spokeswoman

WILLIS, TEXAS, US, January 24, 2023 / — With the global community facing more and more environmental challenges, it is essential to ensure that resources are used responsibly and sustainably. A recent article in Texas Today highlights the Deep Blue Sea Gala in Galveston, Texas. where a powerful alliance of sustainable energy leaders converged. Industry titans Global Oceanic Designs, Inc., SeaDog Systems, Inc. (SSI), and Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc. (DIDI) publicly announced their strategic partnership with Moxie Media Marketing, Inc, and introduced their new Spokeswoman; entrepreneur, media personality, and philanthropist, Jessica Ann Greenwalt.

The group has developed infrastructure-level technologies that revolutionize the efficiency of hydropower systems for the past decade and has been developing a suite of strategies to address that challenge. The centerpiece is a wave carousel that harnesses energy from the ocean’s waves, producing pressurized water that can be used in a variety of fluid-power applications, particularly driving turbines and generators that produce electricity. This system provides hydropower without the pitfalls of dams, is eco-friendly, and is sourced from conventional materials that are fully recyclable.

Ms. Greenwalt, the spokeswoman of the Corporate Machine, shared in a red-carpet interview, “I stand with this energy alliance because I want to see these new infrastructures brought into the world. They’re sustainable, chemical-free, and resourceful. We’ve brought the power of ocean waves onshore using a wave pool standing technology to generate electricity – and that’s just the beginning.”

Ms. Greenwalt combines her talents of brand management and persuasive speaking to create momentum for world change. “I’ve founded businesses before,” she shared, “But right now, I’m ready to go to trade shows and give my all to promote SSI and DIDI worldwide. These technologies are mind-blowing. Waves and water have played an important part in our history, and many companies have tried to harness the power of waves and failed. I’ve visited the wave tank facility, and it is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing in its construction. It’s amazing to see the power of waves harnessed on land.”

The Deep Blue Sea Gala brought together influential, forward-thinking individuals who were hand-selected for their commitment to the future of sustainable energy. The guests included prominent figures from various industries and backgrounds, such as Natalia Castillo, Director of Miss Latina Texas, Samklef, Afrobeat Pop Artist/Producer, and Vincent Powell, American Idol Season 12, Top 20 Finalist.

Reporters captured stars and entertainers sharing their support of the cutting-edge hydropower systems brought forth by DIDI and their shared hope and belief that an environmentally sustainable world is possible for generations ahead once these revolutionary technologies are brought to scale.

The gala also provided guests with the opportunity to experience the beauty of the land and sea, with evening soirees and daytime adventures setting sail on the luxurious “Dreamin’ On” yacht. The Galvez Hotel, referred to as the “Playground of the Southwest” for its legacy of hosting wealthy socialites, businessmen, and celebrities in the oil, gas, and energy empire of the world, served as the perfect backdrop for DIDI to share their research and innovative new developments surrounding their wave-driven systems to produce energy and drinking water for all who need it.

The first evening marked toasts from the guests of honor, including Kenneth W. Welch Jr., Founder and CEO of Global Oceanic Designs. The following days were spent aboard the magnificent sea on the Dreamin’ On yacht. Evenings were spent enjoying the Galvez Hotel, with performances from global phenomenon Italian singer and influencer Benedette Caretta, saxophonist Anthony Rejiv , and Hip-Hop Violinist, Josh Vietti. Finally, it was time for the week’s culmination – the exhilarating Red Carpet Gala on November 20th, featuring special celebrity appearances, and a magnificent firework display. The paparazzi cameras flashed on the red carpet, capturing a range of sustainable energy leaders, entertainers, television stars, and entrepreneurs, all united in the goal of creating a sustainable future for generations to come.

The partnership between Moxie Media Marketing Inc. and Global Oceanic Designs, Inc., SeaDog Systems, Inc., and Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc. is a significant step forward in the journey towards a sustainable future for our planet. The alliance of industry leaders and the introduction of innovative technologies, such as the wave carousel, demonstrate a commitment to finding environmentally friendly solutions for energy production.

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