Symptom Radar Chart Adds Explanation to AI-Generated Computer Drive Health Alerts

Symptom Radar Chart User Interface

DA Drive Analyzer has a new feature called Symptom Radar Chart that make it easier than ever to explore drive failure symptoms.

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA, USA, March 28, 2023/ — DA Drive Analyzer by ULINK Technology predicts computer storage drive failures in advance with deep learning technology. While powerful, this technology has traditionally been held back by its black-box nature (i.e., it is not clear why it makes the predictions it makes). That is why ULINK Technology is introducing a new feature to DA Drive Analyzer called Symptom Radar Chart.

With Symptom Radar Chart, each drive health alert generated by DA Drive Analyzer’s AI will soon be explained with a radar chart that visualizes the most active symptoms along five symptom clusters: S.M.A.R.T., Temperature, Drive-Detected Issues, Self-Test, and Host-Detected Issues.

The lowest axis score generated by the Symptom Radar Chart approximately corresponds to the decile survival rate of the drive over the next year based on historical data. For example, if the lowest score is 2, the drive only has a 20% chance of remaining with the user over the next year according to historical data.

Clicking on an axis will highlight the corresponding symptoms at the drive level, making it easy to isolate active symptoms.
This feature will be accessible within DA Portal, an online dashboard that allows DA Drive Analyzer users to view drive health alerts as well as specific drive health indicators and their trends.

With the addition of this new feature to DA Portal, we hope to make our AI-generated drive health predictions more transparent to our users.

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