Student-Led Startup Haven Cloud Uses Decentralization to Create an Encrypted Cloud Storage Platform

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, November 30, 2022 / — “We live in a unique historical turning point where our digital belongings hold much more value than our physical ones, yet we seldom give their security the same amount of emphasis”, says co-founder Mahmoud Shalby. “No person would allow a stranger into their home and give them free range to take what they want, but that’s the unfortunate reality of our digital assets today.”

The rise of decentralized startups has disrupted many industries, and cloud storage might be next. The platform combines Web 3.0 ‘decentralization’ with end-to-end encryption, a popular encryption method used by apps such as Signal and Telegram, to create a more secure cloud storage platform.

Haven Cloud was founded in May 2021 by Johns Hopkins University and University of Maryland, Baltimore County students. A public beta of Haven’s iOS and Android app released in Fall 2022. Today, the Baltimore-based startup announced, “Haven for Enterprise”, an encrypted business solution for small to medium-sized businesses. The platform aims to provide businesses access to Web 3.0 infrastructure.

“We use Decentralized ‘Smart Shatter’ technology to shatter files like tiny pieces of broken glass. We then distribute the pieces on a global network of decentralized servers. This is an added layer of security on top of end-to-end encryption”, says co-founder Faheel Kamran.

For companies that require maximum data security, decentralization may be the necessary cloud storage solution. Web 3.0’s decentralized infrastructure provides two key components for companies requiring maximum security: data integrity and high availability. Traditional and outdated storage solutions lacking either of these components are vulnerable to cyberthreats and data leaks. In November 2020, a cyber breach hit Maryland’s third largest school district with ransomware. Baltimore County officials estimated that the attack cost the state at least $7.7 million, nearly the same as what Baltimore City spent for a similar attack in 2019.

“Hackers could only achieve this level of access because of the outdated storage solutions the school systems are built upon. The attackers only needed a single point of access to have complete control of the systems. Our Smart Shatter technology features 80 fail-safe points that protect against ransomware. This technology would have saved the two school systems millions of dollars that could otherwise have been allocated to student’s education and not enriching criminals.” says Mahmoud.

The Haven Cloud team is quickly setting their sights on the corporate market as they expand the availability of their platform. They began development of the Haven for Enterprise program in November 2022 and expect it to be available by early Q1 2023.

“We’re starting with local tech-startups and small businesses. We’re also offering free cloud storage to all student-led startups in Baltimore that want to pilot our enterprise program. As we build and scale our platform, we’ll expand to partner with bigger players. Think law firms, insurance companies, hospitals, and school systems. Corporations where patient or client data security is non-negotiable,” explains Faheel.

If you want to learn more about Haven Cloud or pilot the Haven Enterprise platform, visit the company website at

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