Review: Carriage Hill Lush Gold-Plated Watch

Let me begin with a disclaimer. I’ve never reviewed a watch before. To be honest, I hadn’t given watches very much thought before—but perhaps that’s because I never had a watch like this. I felt moved to write this after I received the Carriage Hill Lush Gold-Plated Watch as a gift recently.

The name “Lush” is very apt, in my view. The watch features a design that celebrates the pleasure of gold. And why not? Gold is gold. If you have it, work with it. The watch features a sumptuous, rounded gold bezel. The designers have also added distinctive scrolls to the lug ends of the strap, which I love. So many watches don’t seem to know what to do with the lug ends. They’re like, oh, yeah, here’s this little connector to the strap. Don’t look at it. This watch takes the opposite approach. You can enjoy the ornate touch.

The watch face, though, is simple, which makes it all the more stylish: white with delicate black Roman numerals. A mini compass gives you constant direction finding. (And, as we point out here in Journal of Cyber Policy, you may indeed need a compass if the GPS gets hacked, and that’s more of a risk right now than it ever has been before.) All of this is packed into a gold-plated stainless-steel round case and fronted by flat crystal sapphire lens. The watch is powered by Miyota Quartz. As a gift, the watch adds an element of true elegance and style with its gorgeous luxury box and cloth pouch.

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