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Milesight smart restroom solution keeps hygiene at high quality and realizes efficient resource allocation of both human resources and material supply.

XIAMEN, FUJIAN, CHINA, March 23, 2023 / — Even though the pandemic has already faded from the world around, hygiene is still a daunting demand, which is closely bound up with people from all walks of life. The Milesight smart restroom solution taking full advantage of the advancement of sensors and technologies keeps hygiene at high quality and realizes reasonable and efficient resource allocation of both human resources and material supply. What’s more, it is going to lead the restroom to a new era of automation.

<Upgrade Restrooms to Be Smarter with Pain Points Addressed>
Most public restrooms have a rather bad reputation when it comes to user experience and hygiene. Since manpower can not capture and integrate information to form an effective information network. The information is scattered and the resources can not be reasonably allocated. Untimely cleaning, fill level monitoring and supply, bad air quality with smell odors, bad using environments with overmuch complaints, energy-wasting, and inefficient management. It is time to upgrade the restroom to unleash its values. Find the advantages of the Milesight Smart Restroom Solution and get all the pain points solved.

1. Fill level monitoring. Accurately detecting fill level to avoid the likelihood of discomfort experiences of no toilet paper, premature refills, and waste of human resources.
2. Odour elimination. Detecting H2S and NH3 allows efficient and timely personnel allocating to erase odors.
3. Occupancy mastery. Gain great user experiences by acquiring real-time occupancy information to get easy access to vacant cubicles, and accumulate to build long-running data for highly-efficient management.
4. Waste management. Detecting trash bin level to avoid overflow and realize data-driven cleaning.
5. Emergency alarm. Push the alarm with just one press.
6. Smart display. With integrated information displayed, users can have a visual view of the restroom conditions.
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<Get the Right Products to Upgrade Smarter Restrooms>
Unlike just finding problems, addressing pain points and upgrading restrooms are rather complicated. It is hard to find an integrated solution with functional products which precisely solves the problems easily, efficiently, and economically, and achieves upgrades. However, a LoRaWAN® based Milesight Smart Solution will do. The diversified products with the latest technologies readily upgrade restrooms with pain points addressed, bringing surprising results.

1. Smart Fill Level Monitoring Sensor WS201 – Toilet paper fill level monitoring
Compact Design
Millimeter Level High Accuracy
Ultra-Low Power Consumption
Conformal Coating with Strong Damp-Proof Capacity
Stable Signal even in Metal Boxes
Flexible Remaining Capacity Reporting
2. Bathroom Occupancy Sensor VS330 – Cubicle occupancy monitoring
Dual Technology, Maximal Possibility
Industry-leading Accuracy exceeding 99.5%
Compliant with GDPR & 100% Anonymous Detection
Real-time Update & Ultra-low Power Consumption
Artful Design & Flexible Applications
3. Bathroom Odor Detector GS301 – Odor detection
Detect NH3 & H2S with Higher Accuracy
Wireless Deployment with up to 3 Years of Battery Life
Support LoRaWAN® & Milesight D2D Simultaneously
Built-in Buzzer & Traffic Light Indicator for Alarming
4. Magnetic Contact Switch WS301 – Cubicle occupancy and usage frequency monitoring
5. AI Workplace Occupancy Sensor VS121 – Queue monitoring
6. 3D ToF People Counting Sensor VS132 – people flow monitoring
7. ToF Laser Distance Sensor EM400-TLD – Trash bin management
8. Smart Button WS101 – One-press alarm
9. Mini Leak Detection WS303 – Leakage monitoring
10. IoT Display WS7610 – Smart display
11. IoT Controller UC100 – Build connection and realize interaction
12. IoT Controller UC502 – Metering management

<Enable a Smarter and Value-Added Restroom>
Milesight Smart Restroom Solution seamlessly integrates advanced operational and environmental sensors and IoT technologies, breaking the limitations of traditional restrooms. It intelligently replaces the sensory systems of manpower to convert hard-to-get data into visible and easy-to-get information, realizing real-time monitoring and quick response for supreme user experience and the most efficient management.

1. Data-Driven Management Restroom
The space utilization of cubicles, fill levels, waste management and people flow can be all converted into digital data to form a directional information network. The information will effectively generate a positive impact in improving restroom performance like precisely data-driven cleaning and personnel & recourse assignments and improving hygiene more smartly.

2. Sustainable Smart Restroom
Sustainable development is an eternal concern and topic for people worldwide. Value-added devices like ToF laser Distance sensors and IoT Controllers enable more reasonable and highly efficient usage of restrooms to make it both value-added and energy-saving.

3. Automatic Smart Restroom
Intelligence will greatly release manpower management stress and improve efficiency. The collaboration between sensors and devices can make reactions through preset performances like ventilating according to odor, people flow, and so on. Cleaners no longer have to manage it while it still performs well.

<Opportunity to get 1 Smart Fill Level Monitoring Sensor>
Get the surprising Bathroom Occupancy Sensor VS330, Bathroom Odor Detector GS301, or Smart Fill Level Monitoring Sensor WS201, and you will have the opportunity to get 1 Smart Fill Level Monitoring Sensor. It is an unmissable double gain. Go and get it!

<About Milesight>
Milesight is a fast-growing high-tech company delivering smart IoT and video surveillance products with a focus on IoT technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, 5G and LoRaWAN®, since 2011. With improved sensing capability and advanced IoT insights, we help customers worldwide optimize their business operation in a more efficient and sustainable way. In collaboration with a global network of distributors and system integrators, we are committed to building open ecosystems and accelerating IoT strategies to the next level.
Milesight IoT delivers products including IoT Gateways, IoT Sensors, IoT Controllers and 4G/5G Industrial Routers & Switches to offer complete device-to-cloud-solutions for massively growing markets of smart office, smart building and smart agriculture in an actionable and adapted way.

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