ProHance Sponsors 17th CCAP Executives’ Golf Tournament

Ankur Dhingra, CEO, ProHance at the 17th CCAP Executives’ Golf Tournament

Ankur Dhingra, CEO, ProHance at the award ceremony of the 17th CCAP Executives’ Golf Tournament

Attendees at the 17th CCAP Executives’ Golf Tournament

MANILA, PHILIPPINES, May 29, 2023/ — ProHance, a renowned industry leader in a new-age workplace analytics and operations enablement platform proudly sponsored the highly anticipated 17th CCAP Executives’ Golf Tournament. This prestigious event, organised by the Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP), brought together the top executives of the Philippine contact center industry for a day of golfing, networking, camaraderie, and strategic discussions.

As the premier organisation representing the Philippine contact center industry, CCAP plays a vital role in fostering collaboration and propelling the industry’s growth. With a mission to sustain the country’s global leadership in market share, innovation, and best practices, CCAP actively promotes awareness, talent development, and industry welfare through partnerships with the government, academia, and other sectors.

The recent 17th CCAP Executives’ Golf Tournament, held at the prestigious Orchard Golf and Country Club in Cavite, near Manila, saw a gathering of over 80 high-profile executives from the industry. Among the distinguished attendees was Ankur Dhingra, CEO of ProHance, who showcased the company’s commitment to the industry by participating in the tournament and engaging in valuable networking opportunities.

ProHance’s sponsorship of this esteemed event signifies its dedication to supporting the growth and success of the contact center industry of the Philippines. With a focus on building the contact center industry that is also the backbone of the country’s economy and a track record of empowering organisations to achieve operational excellence, ProHance brings a wealth of expertise and innovative solutions to its clients.

Through its sponsorship of the 17th CCAP Executives’ Golf Tournament, ProHance reaffirms its position as a trusted partner for the industry’s top executives, providing them with the tools and strategies needed to navigate the evolving landscape of the contact center industry.

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Shikha Mishra