Pickleball Today, a National Pickleball Media Site Launches in Canada.

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Capturing the pickleball craze, Pickleball Today has launched, This national pickleball media site focuses exclusively on pickleball news for Canadians.

Pickleball is growing phenomenally in Canada. As a result, we have created Pickleball Today.
Our aim is for Canadian players to get relevant pickleball news that is specifically of interest to them.”

— Patrick Batty

CAMBRIDGE, ON, CANADA, May 25, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Pickleball Today Serves up Pickleball News to Canadians

Capturing the pickleball craze that is engulfing North America, Cambridge Digital Marketing has launched Pickleball Today, a national Canadian-focused site that is focusing on all pickleball-related content that is relevant to the Canadian pickleball player.

Patrick Batty, CEO of Cambridge Digital Marketing in Cambridge Ontario, said “Pickleball is growing at a phenomenal rate in North America, with the US leading the way and Canada just a few years behind. As a result, we have created Pickleball Today.

Our aim is to help Canadian players get relevant pickleball news that is specifically of interest to them.”

There is an outdated perception that pickleball is aimed at baby boomers.

Whereas it’s true, that baby boomers have really gotten the pickleball bug, the entire sport has had an incredible 300% growth rate year over year since 2019, pickleball has evolved into a multi-generational sport due to its ease of getting started, its affordability, its fun, its health benefits, and as a result, it has truly evolved into a multi-generational sport.

The advent of 3 Pro Tours in North America, with at least one stop in Canada, has stoked some of the interest and it is evident that the athletes playing in them are true athletes. Recently athletes from other sports, such as the NBA have invested in Pro Pickleball teams and officially endorsed the sport.

Lebron James, Kevin Durant, and entrepreneur Mark Cuban have purchased teams in Major League Pickleball.

ESPN has recently signed an agreement to broadcast PPA (Professional Pickleball Association) events on their properties and Prime Video is now showing PPA tour events on their platform.

There has also been a Canadian-specific Professional series launched this year with 4 team currently signed and 4 more planned.

Some of the leading pro players on the PPA tour are Canadians, Ranked, Catherine Parenteau, and 5-time Canadian Champion Steve Deakin, which prompts an even broader following in Canada.

At Pickleball Today we believe the cachet associated with these ambassadors, as well as the health aspects, TV broadcasts, and just the overall fun of the sport will continue to accelerate its explosive growth.

On an amateur level, here in Canada, there is a national body and one in each province.

Provincial tournaments in Canada have had as many as 700 enthusiastic participants.

Naturally in Canada, people are interested in general pickleball topics, such as training, equipment, courts, facilities, and health, there is also a growing lifestyle component with many people interested in pickleball travel to events, resorts, and summer and winter vacation destinations.

As with other sports such as golf and tennis, there is a growing fashion element as well.

Pickleball Today is covering all of these aspects, and we are certain more and more Canadians will engage in the sport, as well as our publication.

For more information about Pickleball Today, contact Patrick Batty at the contact info below or visit the Pickleball Today website.

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