Novatech-Decentra Navigates the Volatile Crypto Markets with Proprietary System

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Robert Alston, CEO of Novatech-Decentra

WEST VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2022 / — According to the New York Times, Americans are afraid to invest due to the latest crypto crash, which wiped out more than 300 billion dollars in value this spring. With investors nervous about their money and recession looming in the headlines, the West Virginia based company is forging a new path for financial security. Meet Novatech-Decentra. This financial networking platform is leveling up individual entrepreneurs while others are folding their tents.

Novatech-Decentra think this is the perfect time to reset the game in favor of small businesses. They are setting the standards for best financial practices as a company that offers 100 percent insurance for principals, strong DDoS protection, and a high level of security. Veterans in the market know that Decentra is a technology powerhouse, that boasts more than 2 million learners on its platform. Their goal is to bring blockchain, Web 3.0, and A.I. into reality for the everyday person.

CEO Robert Alston backs the professionals at Novatech-Decentra. As a seasoned investor with more than a quarter century of investment history in Forex and the stock exchange, Robert has an informed sense for solid, long-lasting investments. The results-oriented founder has his finger on the pulse of emerging financial trends, and now he is sharing his insights with the Novatech-Decentra team. Alston, a Philadelphia native who matriculated at Temple University, believes in creating a pathway to wealth and building a legacy for families.

According to Alston, “NovaTech’s mission is to empower individuals to achieve new financial heights and personal freedom.” The family-like atmosphere at these two companies is supported by their guiding principles of integrity and superior products and services.

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