Marto’s Team Set to Release KasaGoldClub NFTs

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 31, 2022 / — Katina Stefanova, CEO of Marto, an investment management company, and the executive team, Adam Bochenek, Chief Operating Officer, and Sean Jahanian, Managing Director of Private Equity are set to enter the marketplace for NFTs, under the brand, KasaGoldClub. Marto is a boutique investment management firm that has always been at the forefront of digital assets. Under the brand KasaGlodClub, Katina Stefanova and her partners are launching a portfolio of NFTs with a unique design – digital gold mining. KasaGoldClub also includes a virtual reality gold mine that attracts a community of like-minded gold aficionados. Marto’s team believes that now is the time to invest in crypto assets, blockchain, and crypto business models. “Investing in crypto assets is not for the faint of heart,” says Stefanova.“However, the greatest returns are made in times of fear. Contrarian investing pays the highest dividends,”
she continues. KasaGoldClub NFTs can provide a unique opportunity for investors.

Recently crypto assets have experienced a beating with the price of bitcoin, Ethereum, and NFTs falling significantly with some assets losing 50% of their value or more. Yet Stefanova warns that “such high volatility is part of the process and provides an opportunity to buy the dip. There has not been a better time to buy crypto assets including KasaGoldClub NFTs in the last two to three years.” Crypto-assets remain the biggest wealth generator for non-mainstream investors and bitcoin, in particular, remains “the trade of the decade” delivering returns of 99,999.99% for the last 10 years. “It is hard to believe,” says Adam Bochenek, Chief Operating Officer of KasaGoldClub, “that BTC was $5.23 in 2012.”

The opportunity for crypto assets to recover and further appreciate remains ahead of us. “What is currently lacking in the industry, because crypto assets are still in their infancy, is a strong operational backbone, ability to transact safely and reliably, high levels of security, and quality anti-money laundering processes,” says Adam Bochenek.

KasaGoldClub aims to provide that level of operational excellence because the team has decades of experience from top financial institutions and has repeatedly proven its ability to build operationally excellent processes. Mr. Bochenek in particular has a track record in building out an end-to-end compliance-focussed operations process at Marto. He has gained extensive operational and management experience at Bridgewater and PwC.

Katina Stefanova is not the only financial services CEO that remains steadfast in their confidence in crypto assets.

According to CNBC, Jaimie Diamond’s JP Morgan says that “bitcoin is 28% undervalued and that is it preferred alternative assets instead of real estate, physical gold, fine art, and any other alt-asset type.”

In the past, some observers believed that Stefanova had made the wrong decision to incorporate crypto assets. While Stefanova never traded crypto assets inside the Marto macro fund as such assets were not accepted by institutional investors, Stefanova and her team created KasaGoldClub as a separate brand and entity 100% dedicated to NFTs and crypto assets in a desire to democratize access to such assets for investors of all levels. Katina Stefanova considers NFT to be the next frontier to lead the disruption of investing and wants her team to be a part of creating that reality.

Early investors in KasaGoldClub NFTs can earn substantial returns over time. Stefanova warns that such investments are not for the faint of heart and significant volatility can be expected.

Katina Stefanova feels more than optimistic about the success of the KasaGoldClub NFTs. She sees a number of Macro-economic, technology, and social trends that make KasaGoldClub NFTs attractive:

● Each NFT has a unique identifier and there is a limited quantity available in the marketplace. In such ways, NFT can be a hedge against inflation. Stefanova, however, warns that investors should diversify their inflation-hedge portfolio with other inflation protection assets such as physical
gold and real estate.

● The technology used for the design and trading of NFTs is advancing quickly allowing for easier ways to purchase and trade NFTs safely. Reliable and well-regulated exchanges are maturing and improving their resilience.

● Finally, KasaGoldClub has the added social benefit of creating a community of like-minded thinkers – creative, adventurous, and daring, that share a common passion and interest in gold as an asset class. KasaGoldClub NFTs are pieces of art valued for their own design.

The idea of purchasing an NFT makes early adapters hesitant, especially today when crypto assets have lost up to 80% of their value. Many Silicon Valley investors are shying away from crypto assets because prices have plummeted. Yet they may be missing the big picture: There is an undeniable long-term trend to make crypto assets and NFTs mainstream.

According to Business Standard, “crypto firms dominated the World Economic Forum in Davos, 2022.” At Davos, Ray Dalio, the global macro genius behind the world’s largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, also is convinced that crypto-assets are here to stay:

“Cryptocurrency – I think Blockchain is great,” Dalio said to the host of CNBC’s broadcast Squawk Box, “but let’s call it digital gold. I think a digital gold, which would be a bitcoin kind of thing, is something that – probably in the interest of diversification of finding an alternative to gold – has a little spot relative to gold and then relative to other assets”

KasaGoldClub NFTs provide the type of diversification needed in the current macro environment – with rising inflation, risk of recession or stagflation, and depreciating currencies including USD, euro, and yen – investors will be looking for an alternative, unique assets that are not levered. As a result, NFTs have a place in a diversified portfolio. NFTs are easy to store and transfer, unlike physical art or gold, yet each NFT is unique and can be appreciated for its own design as art. NFTs open an entirely new marketplace and a form of expression that both acts as a store of value and as a form of design.

About Katina Stefanova, Adam Bochenek, and Sean Jahanian

Katina Stefanova is the Founder and CEO of Marto Capital. She is also a contributor to Forbes and has also written numerous articles for TechCrunch and RealClearMarkets. You can read more about her articles and contributions to Muck Rack.

Adam Bochenek is Chief Operating Officer at Marto Capital and a senior executive with over 25 years of experience in finance, technology, and operations at top consulting firms including Ernst & Young, PwC, IBM, and Bearing Point.

Sean Jahanian is Managing Director, Private Equity at Marto Capital, and a senior executive with an extensive global network and experience in strategy and transformation.

About Marto Capital

Marto Capital is an investment management firm that provides uncorrelated, alpha-generating investment solutions by combining discretionary market insight with technology in a systematic, repeatable framework.

About KasaGoldClub

KasaGoldClub is a community that shares a common vision, passion, and creativity. Each member of the Club can purchase uniquely designed NFTs with a common theme of virtual gold mining. GoldKasaNFTs are a store of value and a work of art.

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