Hempoffset joins Greentech Alliance, launches disruptive hemp carbon offset products that will stop climate change

Hempoffset is carbon neutral made easy, using effective hemp offsets to stop climate change.

Gary Byrnes, Founder of Hempoffset, in a partner grower’s licensed hemp field, Co Wicklow, Ireland.

Hempoffset is a proud member of Greentech Alliance.

Hempoffset is a Greentech startup from Ireland that will disrupt the existing carbon offset market (forestry), with a new product category, hemp carbon offsets.

Hempoffset will disrupt the post-colonial, exploitative capitalism that threatens our very survival. We will achieve our vision by delivering to consumers a new product category: hemp carbon offsets.”

— Gary Byrnes, Founder, Hempoffset

DUBLIN, IRELAND, September 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Irish Greentech startup, Hempoffset, is proud to announce that it is now a member of Greentech Alliance, the global network of entrepreneurs who will collectively save the world from climate change; plastic, food and clothing waste; and environmental destruction. Politicians and NGOs have failed. Only the potential to profit from catastrophe will make us change our ways.

Hempoffset offers a new business model for carbon offsets. The existing forestry offset product category can take up to 30 years to show net carbon benefit. Industrial hemp can remove up to 10 tons of CO2 per acre/0.4 ha in just one growing season of 5 months! Hempoffset has partnered with a licensed hemp grower in County Wicklow, Ireland and we’re working to measure all the crop inputs and outputs so that other growers can learn from our experience. Our vision is to plant a billion acres of hemp worldwide every year.

This scale will be enabled by our blockchain platform, which will deliver transparency and trust to consumers and businesses that want to go carbon neutral quickly and easily, by offsetting their carbon footprint. Our value exchange platform will take the final step in an innovative, circular economy, by rewarding the consumer or business that paid for the hemp crop’s carbon offset dimension of value. Our platform connects people and businesses across the carbon and hemp lifecycles.

Hempoffset is a contender in the XPRIZE Carbon Removal competition, where our vision is to remove 10 Gigatons of CO2 from the atmosphere each year. The large quantities of fibre produced will be used to make hempcrete, a highly efficient construction material. The hempcrete will be 3D-printed into houses all over the world, for everyone who wants or needs a home.

Gary Byrnes
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