Google search for ‘Chat GTP for Law’ rise by 351%

Google searches for ‘Chat GTP for law’ rise by 351%

Legal documents are often nuanced and complex, and a misinterpretation or oversight can have serious consequences. It is vital to have your legal documents checked by a professional”

— Ricky Mehra

BIRMINGHAM, UNITED KINGDOM, June 2, 2023/ — Recent data analysis (supporting data shown in the image below) reveals a staggering increase of 351% in Google searches for ‘Chat GPT for Law’ over the past year, with 3.8K searches made for the term in the last month alone.

This surge in interest highlights the growing recognition of artificial intelligence (AI) tools, such as ChatGPT, across professional fields, including business and legal. While these advancements provide convenient access to information, legal experts emphasise the irreplaceable value and necessity of consulting qualified solicitors for legal advice.

Ricky Mehra, director of My Law Matters, acknowledges the remarkable progress made in AI technology but urges its users to be vigilant when using it for legal matters.

“The advancements in AI are truly remarkable, with tools like ChatGPT providing useful information at our fingertips,” Mehra stated.

“However, when it comes to legal matters, there’s no substitute for a qualified solicitor’s advice. Always have your legal documents checked by a professional.”

As the legal landscape continues to evolve, individuals are beginning to increasingly turn to AI-powered platforms like ChatGPT to seek answers to their legal queries. The convenience and accessibility offered by these tools contribute to their growing popularity. However, it is essential to remember that while ChatGPT can provide valuable insights, it cannot replace the expertise and nuanced understanding that a qualified solicitor brings to the table.

Consulting a qualified solicitor remains crucial for various legal matters, including contract review, estate planning, litigation, and other complex legal issues. These professionals possess the necessary legal knowledge and experience to navigate the intricacies of the law effectively. Professionals in the law are also able to bring the most up to date and accurate knowledge and ability to the table, whereas ChatGTP has limited knowledge of world events passed 2021 and can be known to create false research links, quotes and academic citations to embellish and fill the content it produces.

Mehra further emphasised the importance of seeking professional advice when dealing with legal matters, “Legal documents are often nuanced and complex, and a misinterpretation or oversight can have serious consequences,” he cautioned. “It is vital to have your legal documents checked by a professional who can provide personalised guidance and ensure your rights and interests are protected.”

My Law Matters continues to offer reliable legal advice and assistance to individuals and businesses alike. With a team of experienced solicitors, the firm provides comprehensive legal services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client with the aim of making the law accessible for all.

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My Law Matters is a reputable law firm that provides quality legal services to individuals and businesses. With a team of specialist solicitors and legal professionals, the firm offers comprehensive legal advice and assistance across various practice areas. My Law Matters head office in Wolverhampton was established in 1986, and they now continue to serve clients both in the midlands and further afield with additional offices in Birmingham, London and Manchester.

Note to editors:
Please note that the use of ‘Chat GPT for Law’ in the press release refers to the increased interest in AI-powered platforms in the legal field and does not imply an endorsement or partnership between My Law Matters and ChatGPT or Google.

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