GM Approves Volie as a Participating BDC Software Vendor for GM iMR and PASE

GM dealers can now take advantage of Volie’s BDC platform and receive co-op reimbursement

We are scheduling more appointments than we ever did with other call management platforms,”

— Richard Danahy, Executive Director Fixed Operations, Ed Morse Auto Group

FORT MYERS, FL, UNITED STATES, June 6, 2023/ — Volie, creators of modern call center software for auto dealers, today announced it has been approved by General Motors (GM) as a participating vendor in GM’s Parts and Service Excellence (PASE) program as well as in-Market Retail (iMR). GM dealers can now take advantage of the benefits of Volie’s BDC platform while receiving co-op reimbursement from GM.

Volie’s modern automotive call center software replaces desk phones and simplifies the BDC. By automatically combining data management across the DMS, CRM, OEM, web leads, and all data sources, Volie’s campaign engine fuels the daily workflow of the dealership’s agents by prioritizing the areas they care about most.

Volie’s revolutionary software provides the three things a BDC needs to be profitable all in one place, including:

Communication Manager: This eliminates the time spent on mundane manual tasks so the dealership’s agents can get back to focusing on what matters – communicating with customers. Volie’s automated smart dialer erases the downtime between calls and significantly increases the dealership’s agents’ productivity and efficiency. All of the customer’s information and history is readily available on the agent’s screen, which makes for a better customer experience.

Campaign Manager: Volie’s Campaign Manager prioritizes customer communication based on customer history and campaign priority, ensuring every call is a productive one. Manual labor is eliminated as calls are made in order of priority. This can be adjusted with a simple switch in Volie’s attempt dashboard.

Data Manager: Volie simplifies data by consolidating all of it in one place. All customer data is de-duped to optimize data storage, allowing dealers to seamlessly share important data with their customers through Volie’s open API and custom webhook engine. Poor data management leads to less customer contact. Volie eliminates wasted communications and starts converting the dealership’s leads.

GM dealer Richard Danahy, Executive Director of Fixed Operations with the Ed Morse Automotive Group, had the following to say about working with Volie, “We have been very happy with Volie since moving to their platform at the beginning of 2022. They are continually evolving their system to provide us with timely vehicle service information, making our call centers more efficient. We are scheduling more appointments than we ever did with other call management platforms.”

Commenting on what it means for GM dealers to have Volie as an approved vendor for both PASE and iMR, Scott Davis, Volie president, and co-founder, stated, “Dealership BDCs struggle to know if agents are productive and if campaigns are being executed effectively. They also find it hard to correctly measure campaigns and use data to do more of the right things to increase profits. Volie eliminates that guesswork. We are excited to help GM dealerships have more productive agents, more effective customer communications, and make more money. After all, why implement a BDC if you do not have the tools to make it profitable?”

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Based in Fort Myers, FL, Volie is the communication software for the automotive industry that enables dealers, BDCs, call centers, and vendors to manage campaigns, customer data, and communication types, all under one powerful platform. It is specifically designed for auto dealers as a unified, web-based platform that integrates data management, automated campaigns, omnichannel marketing including calls, email and text, and real-time reporting, to increase productivity, reduce time-consuming manual tasks, and enable business continuity from anywhere.

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