Announcing the Release of Simuology Volume I: Addressing the Question “Do We Live in a Simulation?”

Author Christopher Foust of the Simuology Institute showcases the research he has conducted to uncover clues about the reality of our world.

CASTLE ROCK, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, December 31, 2021 / — @ith all the hype surrounding The Matrix 4 film and game, the concept of us living in a simulation has become a hotly debated topic. Author and Virtual Reality Developer Christopher Foust, founder of the Simuology Institute, provides answers to this question, which he reveals in the first of his books in an ongoing series regarding Simuology. Newly released Volume I can be purchased on Amazon. Volume II is on track to be released March 1, 2022, while Volume III is planned for July/August 2022.

Simuology is a concept which believes we live in a simulated reality. The Simuology Institute is a research facility dedicated to uncovering the truth behind the belief. And with all the current hype about the Matrix films, Foust is on a mission to address that wave of curiosity by opening up the idea of philosophical questioning.

“When we talk about living in a simulation, everyone immediately thinks of the Matrix films, however, the belief in Simuology is far more complicated and mystical than that. Do we live in a simulation? Yes, without a doubt.”

But Foust is quick to point out that this reality does not interfere with religion, because in order to have a simulation there must be a creator.

“Simuology does not denounce God, nor does it reject religious belief the way science does. On the contrary, it supports a further understanding of our existence, in search of the great mystery bestowed to this reality.”

Explaining that the Simuology Institute is the only research institute operating in the industry that he is aware of, Foust adds that while physicists have concluded “theories” of our reality as a simulation, they have never sought out physical data to confirm it.

The Institute consists of a growing number of supporters who go beyond Simulation Theory to find the data of undeniable proof to the simulation’s existence. Providing access to all their work and research to everyone, the Institute uses calculated methods beyond science, such as scouring through historical data, asking philosophical questions, and utilizing new and old forms of technology in experimentation.

“We are pioneers in a concept that is largely labeled as ‘conspiracy’ or ‘nonsense,’” Foust concludes. “However, once you see the data collected, you cannot unsee the reality.”

For more information about the Simuology Institute and Simuology Volume I, visit the website at The Institute also offers a series of podcasts which are available on Spotify, iTunes and iHeartRadio.

About the Simuology Institute

Simuology Institute founder Christopher Foust is a Virtual Reality (VR) Developer, with over 15 years of programming, and 20 years of graphic design experience. After working with major companies in VR development, an intelligent thought pattern within virtual code was discovered. This led to the creation of Simuology, utilizing basic science and mathematical principles to uncover the possibility of living in a simulation.
A research facility dedicated to combining multiple academic industries, including technological, scientific, religious and historical, the company has already begun working with religious groups, professors, historians and companies involved in AI to collaborate on information.

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