Guest Post: 2 Tips on How to Protect Kids from Cyberbullying

Kids love surfing the internet during their free time. But, many don’t recognize the risks they expose themselves to when online. With technological headways, cyber bullying has become a notable threat to kids. Internet dangers statistics say that the number of kids who encounter bullies keeps growing. And this makes it imminent for parents to safeguard their kids from online risks.

Here are ideas to intensify your child’s online safety:

  1. Educate your child

Have a close relationship with your child, and this will make it easier to notice changes in the child’s behavior. Also, train your child on how to handle a bully by not reacting to provocations. Moreover, train your kid to report any acts of bullying and other online risks faced to you.

If this doesn’t work, consider getting rid of your kid’s phone. By typing “sell Samsung phone” on Google, you’ll find a variety of sites to assist you in exchanging the device. Others will even compensate r help you sell it. However, this will depend on your phone’s model.

  1. Restrain your child from becoming a bully

Most kids don’t understand that talking ill to others online can affect them. So, let your kid know that no one wishes to feel belittled. Help your child recognize the impact of their actions on others and also what would happen if caught harassing others.


There are many online risks, and kids mostly fall prey. So, monitor your child’s online activities and enlighten them on online dangers for chatting with strangers on social media. Kids who have encountered bullies are also likely to become bullies, so talk to your child against the vice.