Three Women are Leading an Advertising Revolution – and Showing Us How Billions of Dollars are Left on the Table

Loopholes – This aptly named groundbreaking compliance platform is geared to save advertisers in every industry unprecedented amounts of time and money.

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA , UNITED STATES, August 30, 2022 / — Lior Root and Sophia Trunzo, founders of Paradigm Media and highly accomplished entrepreneurs have combined their superpowers with those of Shama Keskar, award-winning technology executive and visionary leader in emerging technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT). Their collective energies have resulted in Loopholes, an effortless compliance platform that is poised to change everything!

Lior and Sophia’s passion for working with regulated industries led them to identify the noticeable void where compliance-challenged products met ad platforms, sparking the concept of Loopholes. Partnering with Shama was a no-brainer, and these three powerful women got right down to business: the development of technology not seen before in the industry. Their immense task was set: to create a platform that would enable their clients to effectively identify ad compliance issues and overcome the restrictive policies. As it turned out, Loopholes will be a tool used by ALL advertisers!

Loopholes is the gatekeeper between the advertiser and the ad platform – it uses Artificial Intelligence to inform advertisers which of their campaigns are at risk before their ads get rejected, or worse, they find that their account gets deactivated. Loopholes uses a streamlined process to ensure that brands are able to stay completely compliant based on the parameters of the policies established by the ad platforms. The technology pinpoints precisely where the compliance issues are within ad copy, creative content, and landing pages. Loopholes will then identify the exact regulations and guidelines that have been violated, and provide clear recommendations on how to fix them in order to stay compliant.

The inefficiencies in the current ecosystem cost brands inordinate amounts of time and money, not to mention the stress associated with having ads and other marketing kicked back for constant revisions, or outright rejected. The fallout from current compliance policies goes deeper than that – resulting in consumers having limited exposure to brand offerings, subsequently reducing market growth. Other repercussions include brands having to pay higher costs for redundant expertise, whether in-house or outsourced, as the brands with limited resources risk compliance penalties. All of these issues (and more) will be resolved with the arrival of Loopholes. It’s time to get compliant, effortlessly!

Having founded Paradigm Media in 2019, Lior and Sophia grew their agency exponentially – by 800% in less than three years! They are beyond elated to see what they’ve envisioned coming full circle with the launch of Loopholes and are looking forward to witnessing the positive effects it will have on an entire industry.

In the last two decades, Shama has accomplished more than most people do in a lifetime! Her experience encompasses transforming technology into a strategic asset, envisioning and incubating disruptive ideas, building and scaling high-performing teams, articulating a focused vision, and driving growth and revenue with a customer-focused mindset. She is a global ambassador for the South Asian WomenTech Network and a champion of DEI. Shama was thrilled to combine forces with Lior and Sophia for this revolutionary project.

We are seeking investors in Loopholes. The time is right to be a part of this never-before-seen proprietary technology that’s poised to upend compliance in advertising as we know it. Contact us.

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