SyncHealth Management Prevents Stroke with Innovative Care Coordination Services

SyncHealth Management Prevents Stroke with Innovative Care Coordination Services

SyncHealth Management’s approach to chronic care management and remote patient monitoring significantly improves patient outcomes & increases physician revenue.

UNITED STATES, June 23, 2024 / — SyncHealth Management’s Innovative Care Saves Patient from Stroke
SyncHealth Management, a minority-owned healthcare company, has demonstrated its innovative approach to chronic care management and remote patient monitoring through a remarkable case where its services prevented a patient from suffering a major stroke. This incident underscores the company’s commitment to improving patient care and highlights the critical role of its real-time monitoring and proactive intervention strategies.

In a recent case, SyncHealth’s provided device detected alarming vitals for a patient. Immediate rechecking and communication with the patient and his doctor led to timely medical advice, preventing a potentially life-threatening stroke. This case exemplifies SyncHealth’s unorthodox but effective approach, ensuring patient safety between doctor visits.

SyncHealth’s proactive monitoring system is designed to alert healthcare providers when a patient’s vitals indicate potential danger. In this instance, the patient’s vitals were significantly high, prompting the care team to take immediate action. The care coordinator contacted the patient, advised retesting, and quickly involved the patient’s physician. This quick response and coordination with emergency services averted what could have been a severe health crisis.

Boosting Physician Revenue Through Preventative Care
SyncHealth Management not only enhances patient outcomes but also significantly boosts the revenue of independent physician offices. By implementing SyncHealth’s care coordination services, physicians can focus more on preventative measures, reducing hospital readmissions, and increasing patient participation in chronic care management programs.

For example, physicians can see potential financial benefits such as an increase in profit by $183,000 annually with 500 enrolled patients and up to $549,000 with 1,500 patients. Large healthcare systems can achieve profit margins in the millions, showcasing the financial viability and benefits of SyncHealth’s services.

SyncHealth’s services are designed to streamline chronic care management, making it easier for physicians to implement and maintain these programs. By reducing the administrative burden and providing a turnkey solution, SyncHealth allows physicians to dedicate more time to patient care while simultaneously benefiting from increased reimbursements.

A Minority-Owned Business Making a Difference
SyncHealth Management stands out not only for its innovative healthcare solutions but also for its status as a minority-owned corporation. Owned by three African Americans, SyncHealth’s leadership team brings diverse perspectives and a commitment to addressing healthcare disparities.

The company collaborates with a large Independent Physician Association (IPA) comprising over 700 physicians nationwide, amplifying its reach and impact. This collaboration ensures that SyncHealth’s services benefit a broader patient base, promoting equitable healthcare access and outcomes.

In an industry where minority-owned businesses are underrepresented, SyncHealth’s success is particularly noteworthy. The company’s ability to deliver high-quality care while addressing the unique needs of diverse populations sets it apart from competitors. SyncHealth’s commitment to inclusivity and equity is reflected in its mission to improve healthcare for all patients, regardless of background.

Unmatched Expertise and Inclusive Care
SyncHealth’s team of physician advisors plays a pivotal role in refining and enhancing care coordination processes. Their active involvement ensures that the highest standards of patient care are maintained. Unlike many competitors, SyncHealth does not charge upfront fees or take a large percentage of the increased reimbursements. Their turnkey service is adaptable for any medical practice, regardless of size, providing a comprehensive solution for chronic care management and remote patient monitoring.

This advisory board of experienced physicians ensures that SyncHealth’s services are continually updated and improved to meet the evolving needs of patients and healthcare providers. Their expertise in chronic care management and remote patient monitoring is invaluable, contributing to the company’s reputation for excellence.

SyncHealth’s commitment to patient care extends beyond technology. The company’s care coordinators are trained to provide compassionate, personalized support, helping patients navigate their healthcare journeys. This human touch, combined with cutting-edge technology, makes SyncHealth a leader in chronic care management.

About SyncHealth Management
SyncHealth Management is dedicated to improving healthcare for patients with chronic illnesses and preventing hospital readmissions. The company’s approach offers seamless care coordination between the physician’s office and the patient’s home. This method has not only improved patient care but also provided additional reimbursements to physicians. SyncHealth aims to engage patients in their healthcare and educate physicians on maximizing reimbursements through effective chronic care management.

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