Reining in Inflation Should Include Retribution to Exploited Inventor

Hartman Patent Application Published Showing Prior Art Filed With SBIR in 1990

Patent Office Lists Process as a Utility

Inventor alleges ‘Internet is illegal’ because the government takeover of her intellectual property in 1990 was not done according to the Law.

This is a continued violation of citizen rights and imposition of slavery. The disposition of this Case bears investigation , resolution , and Justice”

— Dorothy M. Hartman

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, April 15, 2022 / — Power by the government and the lack of a fair trial has prevented justice to an African American woman who claims that she invented today’s internet . She says that the Biden administration’s failure on inflation as well as other policies was partially created by its violations of the Inventor’s rights . For the past 30 years huge profits amounting to trillions of dollars from telecom and ecommerce have created an economy that consists of about 5% super rich people and 95% every day main street workers on a paycheck and many with low paying jobs and minimal salaries . This has created a lop-sided economy that has been on the edge of inflation for a considerable time . The Covid 19 pandemic and now the Russia- Ukraine war have added additional strain.

However the Inventor alleges that the domestic terrorism and government tyranny caused by the violation of her constitutional and civil rights that include being denied the right to free speech as well as being subjected to seizure and confiscation of her personal property without just cause lies among its failed policies . Equal access to law would have created a better outcome as well as a more profitable outcome establishing the patenting of the invention since it was introduced as a new and unique design. The government instead of doing what would normally be the traditional and lawful route to allow patenting and then offer a Declaration of Eminent Domain giving rise to a legal property that would have enriched the nation instead confiscated the property for itself without regard to the Inventor. The Internet might have been sold or even leased to other nations bringing true revenue into the country rather than allowing gross amounts of money to a relatively small number of individuals including federal government employees that have themselves profited having used the confiscated invention as a source of insider trading enriching themselves.

Further the federal government interfered with her patenting rights directly through violation of patenting rights through the Department of Commerce and Patent commissioners who are the Undersecretaries for the Department of Commerce through the United States Patent and Trademark Office . They saw a powerful opportunity for producing wealth in the country for those it wanted to enrich but dismissed the . Thus Telecommunications , Ecommerce , and the Nasdaq Stock Market was born .

In this case many congress people , politicians , and even presidents have become noticeably richer by the more than 25 year run in Telecom and Ecommerce . Further the Inventor alleges that the government breached its contract with her through the SBIR [ Small Business Innovation Research Program ] but then proceeded to violate and create the Doctrine of Unjust Enrichment . It involves domestic terrorism and government tyranny as experienced by the Inventor . In her personal life the inventor has been defamed , defrauded , and practically impoverished by these unlawful and oppressive acts by the government . Hartman alleges that the government in no way did anything that was legal to bring the intellectual property under its control . Because the Internet , whose design is a success because of the creativity and insight of Hartman does not make it any less tyrannical or inhumane the sacrificial treatment of the African-American and the refusal to provide relief and justice concerning the situation . Although built by the government and exported to the public by the telecom and internet companies , it was not invented by the government . It was rather simply a design that was copied from an African American woman whose life , health , and reputation has been completely destroyed by the enormity and power of institutionalized racism and what may yet be shown as government corruption . Telecom Giants nor Ecommerce giants invented today Internet but rather have successfully used it to succeed and become extremely profitable.

Thus far the Inventor suffers nothing but grief , overwhelming economic loss including two homes defrauded from her and deliberate injury by unscrupulous doctors . Domestic terrorism that she would never have been subjected to had it not been for the color of her skin and her wealth producing invention . Her process design entitled the Accessing Accessibility Process , U.S. Patent Application was taken in 1990 from the SBIR program and used to create the current version of the Internet that debuted in around 1994. Merrick Garland appears to be allowing an illegal trial in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims , Case No. 21-2214 where the case is being kept secretive and Ms. Hartman who is being forced to Proceed Pro Se is having her motions held and not docketed by the court . You can access the case in Hartman vs. The United States . It is about 10 cents per page to view the case however if you enter the U.S. Court of Federal Claims , enter the case no. 21-2214 and the party names HARTMAN VS. UNITED STATES you should be able to access .

Since the government is already using this tool or utility for its empowerment and the enrichment and empowerment of itself and its allies , it should not continue to delay and postpone justice for the inventor . Justice to her should be accomplished as soon as expeditiously possible . ” It is an ugly case and there is no way to pretty it up . I have never heard of any previous invention or inventor being treated in such a manner . Perhaps because it is the first time that such a grand invention has been designed and because of the riches that it has generated , the ugly face of racism appears to be relied upon to bar justice and continue to oppress Hartman.”

Dorothy M. Hartman
Former CEO of Abfysellers Group
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